Police brutality as Macron prepares ‘last resort’ chemical weapons attack on French people

Doctors, whistle-blowers and activists are sounding the alarm over the number of serious injuries suffered by protestors in the Yellow Vest movement at the hands of riot police over the past several weeks.

According to the French Interior Minister, around 1,800 protesters have sustained injury, many of those serious.

The revelations come after EU-proponent and ex-Rothschild banker, Emmanuel Macron mysteriously appeared on the political scene seemingly from nowhere to abruptly enter in the 2017 French Presidential elections.

A newcomer to politics, Macron announced that he would be standing as an independent candidate, “neither Left or Right” and curiously managed to snatch victory out of the hands of nationalist, anti-Establishment frontrunner, Marine Le Penn, to become both French President and EU posterboy.

Since then, things haven’t quite worked out the way Macron and his globalist sponsors might have liked.

Having vowed unity for France, globalist Macron managed to invoke the worst civil unrest seen in France for decades – less than two years in office.

Macron’s decision to hike up fuel tax in spite of workers increasingly having to travel longer distances for work after their jobs were sent abroad, prompted the Yellow Vest protests which have continued into their third month.

In that time, Macron has mostly remained in hiding, showing his smug mug only to brand the diverse array of protesters “thugs” and “rightwing extremists” before attempting to backtrack and appease them by postponing the introduction of the tax.

He’s mandated the increased use of extreme force by police using water canons, batons and tear gas, arrest the leader of the Yellow Vests, Eric Drouet, and rendered him a political prisoner and, according to a source for The Daily Mail, put into place last resort measures to unleash a chemical weapon on his own people should government buildings be approached.

Said source at the Paris police prefecture revealed that:

“If a large crowd forced barriers through the security perimeter, then the powder would be used as a last resort in order to stop them.” 

Tyranny requires repression.

The EU is headed by an unelected, unaccountable and despotic political class which desperately wants to hold on to power while plotting to lock the independent nations of Europe into a Soviet-style bloc subservient to Brussels.

Europe has been here before. Each time, the British have fought back against tyranny and won.

In the words of eminent Dutch nationalist leader, Girt Wilders:

“Like in the 1940s, once again Britain could help liberate Europe from another totalitarian monster, this time called ‘Brussels’.

The BNP is the ORIGINAL anti-EU political party.

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