Dark secrets of EU Remainers revealed

The dark secrets of EU Remainers are now revealed.

Many hardline Remainers have substantial personal or financial reasons for doing so.

Jo Swinson

Secrets of EU Remainers: Jo Swinson's husband is a director of a charity that gets EU funding

Jo Swinson (leader of the anti-democratic Liberal Democrats) has pledged to scrap Brexit if the Lib Dems win power at the next general election.

Furthermore, Swinson described the Lib Dems as the ‘Stop Brexit party’.

She is married to Duncan John Hames, who is a former Liberal Democrat MP.

Mr Hames is a Director of Policy at Transparency International UK, which is a charity that receives substantial funding from the European Union!

So, has this EU funding for her husband’s charity influenced Jo Swinson’s anti-Brexit stance in any way?

British Universities

Universities, Non-Government Organisations (NGOs), and charities benefit financially from the EU.

In 2017, British NGOs secured €228 million, according to EU data.

British universities have been telling us that it’s in the national interest to remain in the European Union.

Additionally, the universities have lobbied the government, telling them that a no-deal Brexit is highly undesirable.

They forgot to mention that in the last decade, British universities have received nearly one billion euros from the EU.

A British university academic said: “My entire research team is funded by EU money.”

So, has massive EU funding for British universities influenced their anti-Brexit stance in any way?

Pro-Remain lobby groups

By giving money to charities, NGOs, universities, and environmental groups, the European Union has created powerful pro-Remain lobby groups.

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has received EU funding.

Therefore, its no surprise the CBI has been peddling Project Fear predictions about Brexit.

So, has EU funding for the CBI influenced their anti-Brexit stance in any way?

Dark secrets of EU Remainers

Many people and organisations get money from the EU, so they are unlikely to bite the hand that feeds them.

Additionally, those who get EU payouts are very likely to be strongly pro-Remain activists.

The European Union is devious because it funds organisations, business and trade associations, charities, universities, and many other groups.

These recipients of EU funding then issue press releases stating that Britain would be better off staying in the EU or that a no-deal Brexit would be ‘a disaster’.

This deception is what I call ‘proxy propaganda’.

In other words, the European Union funds ‘proxies’ to spread their anti-Brexit message.

It’s similar to proxy voting – letting someone else vote on your behalf.

So, when Remainers say that a no-deal Brexit will be a disaster because ‘experts’ have said so, then you should treat it with a “pinch of salt”.

In other words, treat what the Remainers say with the utmost skepticism.

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