EU wants a new world order without nations

The EU wants a new world order without nation-states or countries.

Belgian MEP Guy Verhofstadt was a guest speaker at the pro-EU Liberal Democrats conference in Bournemouth last weekend.

Brexit Co-ordinator Verhofstadt gave a disturbing speech to rapturous applause.

He ranted about how the world has no place for nation-states and countries and that the EU needs to become an empire.

He told the audience that:

“The world order of tomorrow is not a world order based on nation-states or countries. It is a world order that is based on empires.”

Verhofstadt said that countries like Russia, India, China, and the USA are more like empires than countries.

He said the European Union has to build an EU Empire to respond to these other empires.

The deluded Lib-Dem supporters clapped and cheered Verhofstadt’s shocking speech. They just adored him!

However, Verhofstadt’s rant that tomorrow’s world order is ‘based on empire’ has been met with mockery on social media.

One critic accused him of acting like “a madman with delusions of grandeur.”

Brexiteers have been quick to highlight the irony of Verhofstadt’s sentiments.

They are amazed that the case for an EU empire has been excitedly received by Remain supporters, who have consistently ridiculed Brexiteers for “harking back to Empire days.”

Infographic: Irony of the Remainers who say Brexiteers are harking back to Empire days, yet Guy Verhofstadt wants an EU Empire

The Liberal Democrats officially unveiled their new Brexit policy at their annual conference.

They vowed they would revoke article 50 and cancel Brexit totally if they became the majority party at the next general election.

However, Jo Swinson confirmed the Liberal Democrats would also campaign for a second referendum to stop a no-deal Brexit.

The Liberal Democrats are anti-democratic!


So, the EU wants a new world order by establishing the EU Empire!

Do you want to be in an Empire run by unelected bureaucrats?

I and over 17 million others do not, and that’s just one of the many reasons why we voted Leave at the EU Referendum in 2016.

Guy Verhofstadt has forgotten history because empires fall eventually.

The Roman Empire ended partly because of mass migration and invasion by outside forces. Other factors for the fall of the Roman Empire include over-expansion, corruption, and an over-reliance on labour from outside of the empire.

The British Empire fell because countries wanted their independence from us.

We want our independence from the European Union – that has been the BNP’s message since 1982.

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