Labour Party’s devious plan to remain in the EU

Labour Party’s devious plan to remain in the European Union is an outrage.

Labour Party's deceitful plan to remain in the EU — offer a Hobson's Choice .

It is now common knowledge that Labour wants a second referendum on European Union membership.

They say that this will give people a choice.

However, the choice on the ballot paper will not be Leave or Remain. It will be between a ‘Brexit in name only’ deal and Remain.

Since a ‘Brexit in name only’ is essentially Remain, then the choice on the ballot paper will be: Remain or Remain.

So, it’s really no choice at all. This type of choice is known as a Hobson’s choice.

The Labour Party says that they will support efforts to get a good deal but will actively campaign against the deal. Instead, they will back the Remain option in a second referendum.

Labour Party's devious plan: EU bureaucrats are laughing their heads off
The European Union bureaucrats laughed their heads off when they realised that most MPs would never vote for a ‘No Deal Brexit’.

The EU’s plan is a simple plan: offer the worst deal they can come up for the UK. However, this deal will be the best deal for the EU. In other words, a ‘Brexit in name only’ deal.

If the majority of MPs back this deal, then the UK will effectively remain in the EU.

A ‘Brexit in name only deal’ equals Remain.

According to Labour’s plan, this ‘Brexit deal’ will be on a ballot paper in a second referendum together with the option to remain.

If it gets to that stage, the European Union will be in a win-win situation, and so will Labour!

That is why they are laughing at us. The EU will get what it wants, and it will have been helped by the  Labour Party’s devious plan.

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