Labour turkeys vote for Christmas

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It’s a landslide!

MPs have voted in parliament on Prime Minister Theresa May’s proposal to hold general elections on 8th June.

Earlier today the PM succeeded in pushing through her plans after 522 MPs voted in favour against 13.

It’s May’s latest, in a string of – seemingly effortless – victories. Should her success really come as a surprise given that her primary opposition is a backward, indecisive, bearded old leftie?

The vote result means that general elections will take place across the United Kingdom 7 weeks’ time from now, giving parties little room to plan campaigns.

Given that May needed two-thirds of the vote in parliament, Corbyn could have thwarted her plans by extending the party whip and forcing his 230 (lessening by the day!) Labour MPs to vote against her proposal.

Not that mainstream media (MSM) pundits and pollsters should be regarded as remotely credible, but predictions have been made to the effect that Labour stand to lose as many as 100 seats!

“If nothing else works, a total pig-headed unwillingness to look facts in the face will see us through,” said General Melchett in Blackadder.

Great job, Corbs! Ride that Labour wagon till the wheels fall off!

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