Brexit: Urgent Action Now!

You know more than anyone the massive role the BNP played in our long struggle to free Britain from the shackles of the hated European Union.

But if we ease off the pressure the corrupt politicians in Westminster, being the worms they are will wriggle off the hook and betray the British people, acting against our Nation’s interest and ignoring the will of the people again!

We voted to leave the EU – it’s time to remind them of this FACT!

MPs won’t do the right thing. All they care about is themselves so over the coming weeks we will be rolling out a campaign using direct mailing, emails, the internet, social media and template letters for our members and supporters to send to the anti-Brexit traitors.

The Remain fanatics have raised hundreds of thousands of pounds and we must join with all other Leave groups to urgently raise as much money as possible for this final push.

This is the most important donation you will make this year.

Every pound raised sends another dose of reality to the deluded Westminster worms.

As a patriot and someone who loves their country, this is where you can now play another important role to secure a British future.

The success of this campaign depends upon your commitment to a Britain free from the EU.

TAKE ACTION NOW! Call 0757 254 8669 or visit our website at
Your country needs YOU, now more than ever.

Donate to the BNP online here today.

Adam Walker
BNP Chairman

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