Breaking – Facebook bans BNP in politically motivated attack on Free Speech

The British National Party has had its Facebook page deleted and been banned from the online social media platform for its political opinions.

Earlier today, the ‘big tech’ giant Facebook took draconian action – without prior notice – to delete accounts of those it deemed ‘far Right’ and in opposition to their Leftwing stance.

According to Facebook policy, the platform does not allow groups or individuals which engage in “terrorist activity, organised hate, mass or serial murder, human trafficking or organised violence or criminal activity.”

The BNP is innocent of all such charges.

The BNP is a legitimate, registered political party, fully compliant with the Electoral Commission and committed to peaceful activism when standing up for the interests of the indigenous British people in their native homeland.

The BNP emphatically denies any and all malicious and politically motivated allegations made by Facebook.

Facebook has already been fined vast sums of money for its criminal code of conduct and illegal handling of personal and private data is illegal, now it feels it can pass judgement on the moral character of others and forcibly silence them.

This attack on Free Speech by Facebook has made the BNP a victim of the latest purge of its network by an increasingly draconian, morally questionable and out-of-control ‘big tech’ firm.

The BNP is not the first to have been ‘deplatformed’ and silenced by Facebook – and they won’t be the last.

More news as it develops…



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