Boston locals blast Tweeting bobbies

Lincolnshire’s PC police force has come under heavy criticism from the local BNP team and residents after citing spurious ‘data’ to defend their political paymasters’ failure to keep streetlights lit in the area.

Locals have noted a spike in crime which has been exacerbated by an influx of criminal Eastern European gangs operating in the town centre.

“With elected Labour Borough Councillors defecting to the Conservatives and an increase in robbery in addition to an increase in street drinking has resulted in record murder levels in Boston,” said local BNP activist, Alan.

“Boston town centre is a hell hole these days, it’s a dangerous place,” he added.

Local BNP teams have notified residents of the failure of the Lincolnshire Police to address the rise in crime while the force squandered £500,000 on logo and livery changes.

Residents have informed the BNP that they feel the police simply can’t be bothered with keeping the streets safe, opting instead to put their feet up at the station and tweet messages promoting their Political Correctness initiatives, something they term ‘modern policing’.

They’ve even produced mugs to award virtual bobbies for their ‘modern policing’ efforts and encourage fellow PC cops to tweet instead of fighting crime.

The BNP is on the front line fighting the Political Correctness agenda.

The degeneration of Britain’s police forces and other social services have been a result of the massive leftwing infiltration at top levels and the installation of politicised police chiefs.

It’s come about through Labour’s active efforts and the capitulation of the treacherous and cowardly Conservatives to the political left and their Politically Correct agenda.

The BNP in their Ten-Point Plan to Counter Islamist Terror is demanding the:

6/ Removal of Political Correctness czars

Create a special independent intelligence unit to isolate and remove Politically Correct heads of authorities.

The poisonous ideology of Political Correctness has resulted in the mass rape and torture of children in Rotherham and countless other towns and cities and the slaughter of our children in Manchester.

Set up an independent anti-Political Correctness unit to identify and remove Politically Correct police chiefs and heads of authority.


The BNP says scrap the Police Twitter Awards and put bobbies back on the beat!



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