BNP stop Labour plans to waste £2Million on pointless traffic lights

BNP Lincolnshire have succeeded in adding enough pressure to the local Labour council that they’ve halted their scheme to squander another £2Million of taxpayers’ money on unnecessary traffic lights.

Following the dissemination over a fortnight period of a BNP leaflet highlighting the shambles of the local council and their wasteful squandering of money, the Labour-controlled North East Lincolnshire Council announced that it would halt controversial plans to install a £2Million set of traffic lights at a roundabout junction in the area.

Already under intense pressure from local residents up in arms with council plans to rip up and replace a major arterial route roundabout with traffic lights, the latest BNP leaflet proved the straw that broke the Labour’s back.


The Labour Party in the region are naturally concerned about next May’s local elections and mindful of the negative effects that BNP campaigns will have on the electoral success.

Labour’s surprise decision was announced earlier this week in the Grimsby Telegraph.

The council have already wasted more than £100,000 on consultancy costings for the unpopular traffic scheme with Labour councillors fearing local residents voting instead for the BNP with others standing for election as BNP councillors so that they can really put local people first.

With enquiries and donations up, combined with positive feedback on doorsteps, it’s the BNP in Grimsby and Cleethorpes who are pushing the hardest to clear the council of all the incompetent councillors.

The message is to VOTE BNP – because someone has to tell the truth.



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