BBC “White-washing” Black crime admits former government race czar

The BBC is “White-washing” Black-on-Black crime, according to Trevor Philips, leading to a cover up of a high number of stabbings and the link between race and violence.

Philips is the former head of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (ECHR) infamous for its racially-motivated attack on indigenous Brits when it prosecuted the BNP to overthrow its ethnic criteria for membership back in 2009 all the while supporting ethnic membership criteria for all other ethnic-centric political groups and organisations.

Curiously, since stepping down from the position, Phillips has on notable occasions spoken out frankly and critically about the huge problem of race relations in the politicains’ enforced and failed Multiculturalism experiment.

In an opinion piece in The Telegraph, Philips revealed that around 27,000 under-19s in England identify as being part of a gang and confessed that “black boys are more than 20 times as likely to be involved in serious attacks compared with their white peers.”

“Yet, to read our newspapers and to listen to our media, you would imagine that race played no part in this issue at all,” the Policy Exchange think tank senior fellow wrote.

“The BBC in particular is guilty of whitewashing the truth.

“Its defence is that race should only be reported where it is relevant.

“Yet it has no qualms about routinely describing stop and search by police in racial terms.”

The BNP has always been the most attacked and vilified political party in Britain precisely because we fight for the truth and for free speech, and staunchly oppose the mainstream media (MSM) narrative that seeks to misinform and mislead the British people by way of its propaganda and fake news.

Year on year, the BNP is proved to have been right on everything.

From opposing the disastrous Mass Immigration and Multiculturalism experiment now branded a total failure by the same political class which forced it on the British people, to exposing the horrifying Muslim Grooming Gang coverup and the collusion by government authorities to protect them, the BNP continues to lead the way in fighting for justice for the British people.

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