Bannon: ‘Racist’ label is a badge of honour

Freedom Post

Steve Bannon has told the French that being branded “racist” by the hateful Leftwing press and the rotten old Establishment should be worn “as a badge of honour.”

The former Executive Chairman of Breitbart news and former aide to the White House is currently on a tour of Europe energising the anti-Establishment popularist movement and rallying support.

Bannon is rumoured to be advising the French Front National (FN) in a rebranding exercise.

According to FN leader Marine Le Pen, the Party “must acquire the culture of alliances; acquire the culture of a government party,” and “changing the name is one of the ways to make it known.”

Speaking alongside Le Pen at the Party’s national conference in France, Bannon addressed the party faithful:

“I came to Europe as an observer and to learn.”

“What I’ve learned is that you’re part of a worldwide movement, that is bigger than France, bigger than Italy, bigger than Hungary — bigger than all of it… and history is on our side.”

“The tide of history is with us, and it will compel us to victory after victory after victory.”

“Let them call you racists. Let them call you xenophobes. Let them call you nativists,” he announced in defiance of Establishment tactics to silence dissenters.

Bannon’s France address was his second speech in Europe after an engagement in Switzerland and his renewed activity has certainly rattled the Establishment.

In this week’s issue of the Leftwing German publication, Stern iterated their fears that “Dark Lord” Bannon threatens to mobilise and unite the anti-Establishment popularist movements across Europe and “give the fragmented Right in Europe a common ideology and rhetoric.”

Having earlier dismissed him, Stern hack Gernot Kramper changed his tune by confessing that, owing to Bannon’s ability to move a crowd, the man is “as dangerous as ever” to the powers-that-be and their media operatives.

The “frenetic applause” he received at the FN conference was further proof of his “impressive potential,” according to Kramper.

Bannon is widely considered to have played a crucial role in the election of President Trump by way of harnessing the readership of Breitbart news and providing advice to the campaign.

His sentiment echoes that stated in the latest issue of IDENTITY magazine on Political Correctness.

Leftist hate-words are “only as strong as you allow them to be.

“Remain unfazed and others, who fear speaking out for receiving the same treatment, will be emboldened to follow your lead in doing the same.”



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