Government ministers – Overturn the will of the people or we’ll resign demand

Scores of Government ministers are threatening to resign if they’re blocked from postponing Brexit or a clean break from the EU.

Up to 40 of Theresa May’s Remainer-supporting cabinet, including Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Amber Rudd, have given the PM an ultimatum; allow them leverage to sabotage ‘No Deal’ Brexit or risk their resignation.

They’re demanding what they termed“free vote” – to be held behind closed doors in the House of Commons – on amendments to May’s “worst deal in history” for Britain leaving the EU.

Their plan: To force the Government to extend the March 29th date for Britain’s exit from the EU indefinitely in order to frustrate the process and thwart Brexit.

Remainers and so-called soft-Brexiteers have been tirelessly plotting to torpedo a ‘No Deal’ Brexit after MPs in a parliament vote threw out Remainer-supporting Prime Minister May’s ‘deal’ which was universally slammed for its grovelling concession to the EU.

This behaviour by Government ministers is the latest example in a series which demonstrates the utter contempt that this political class has for ordinary people – the electorate which we put them there to serve.

It’s an odious political class which has become so arrogant, self-serving and out-of-touch that it feels no shame in openly and brazenly working to overturn democracy and frustrate the will of the people.

The BNP is totally different!

The BNP is the ONLY alternative to the despised political class because we are made up of ordinary, hard-working, concerned members of the public with the conviction and courage to stand up for what’s right.

That’s why this political class fear the BNP.

Unless ordinary decent people like you take a stand, the corrupt and loathsome political class will know that they can get away with anything and that their betrayal of our country will go unpunished.

The BNP are here to hold them to account!

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