Young blood – Life blood

Nationalism is a creed that consciously and deliberately roots itself in the past of our nation and our race.

Yet, for all our emphasis on the value of history and tradition, nationalism is above all about the future – and about securing that future for our children and descendants.

Capitalism and communism are fixated on short-term materialism – they care for nothing but present profit or production, knowing the price of everything but the value of nothing.

Nationalism, by contrast, is about the long-term.

Nationalists regard the present generation not as absolute owners of our land, but as guardians.

We are all links in the chain of national being that stretches from our distant ancestors through us to future generations of our folk still to be born.

Hence nationalism puts great emphasis on each new generation, for the young are the future, our future!

The coming time of decision and change

We are living through the final years of an era in which short-term materialism has dominated everything.

As a crowded world runs low on resources, the mad rush for ever-greater production will be replaced by something new.

The old order is dying; the question is what will replace it?

The only choice is between a sort of global feudalism, in which the super rich cling on to power in a MadMax world through naked force over a mass of rootless, raceless mass of serfs.

Or a world where identity and belonging give free peoples the strength to overthrow the tyranny of greed and gold, each nation running its own place under the sun for the benefit of future generations.

The struggle for that better world will be both long and hard, so it can only be won by the young, and only provided they learn the truth from the previous generation, for they must understand what they fight in order to win.


Practical matters

Every experienced nationalist should watch out for bright youngsters and make the effort to steer them in the right direction – lending them books, pointing them towards educational websites, explaining the truths that the System don’t want our people to know.

The movement as a whole has an even more important role to play.

It must organise training events, both in real time and online, so that new recruits can learn what we are fighting for, what we  fight against and how to fight effectively.

Such efforts can be financed by the party from normal income to an extent but, to do this vital job properly, what is really needed is for older members to leave bequests for such purposes.

Those nearing the end of their time in our ranks are in a unique position to help those who are just starting out on our long road.

Fight on after you are gone!


Pass on the torch

The nationalist movement contains an incredible wealth of human experience.

The older generation who have held the torch aloft for decades past have a huge collective knowledge of true facts that have often been concealed by the controlled media and by an education system designed to create obedient citizens of a corrupt system, rather than teaching people to think for themselves.

It is the duty of the older generation of nationalists to help to pass our collective wisdom on to the next generation.


Demographics and destiny

Our people are being outbred and outnumbered.

The best answer to this problem is not to complain about it, it’s simply to have children!

Young nationalists should regard finding a suitable partner with whom to have healthy, intelligent children as the cornerstone of their contribution to the survival of our kind.

Any who for some good reason are unable to do so should look for ways to help those who can.

We are a family – and families are about children!

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