Why we won’t feel sorry for Theresa May’s failure

We won’t feel sorry for Theresa May’s failure.

We won't feel sorry for Theresa May. She betrayed over 17 million Brexit voters.

Theresa May is the grammar school and Oxford-educated daughter of an Anglican clergyman from Sussex. Despite these impeccable conservative credentials, her career in politics has shown she is not willing to conserve anything, let alone defend British interests, or indeed tell the truth.

As Home Secretary, she presided over eye-watering high levels of mass migration, reaching a record peak in 2015, and she legalised gay marriage.

As Prime Minister, she instigated grand gestures of white guilt, including putting a day in the diary for Stephen Lawrence, and making 22nd June the date to honour the hallowed Windrush generation.

Theresa May once promised us ahead of negotiations with the EU that “no deal was better than a bad deal”. She subsequently negotiated a terrible deal that pleased no one and suffered three humiliating defeats in Parliament. But even then she would not contemplate a no-deal Brexit.

May cynically declared that in her earlier rhetoric, she was merely talking in the “abstract”. So, let’s not feel sorry for Theresa May.

So, another Tory PM resigns amid personal failure. Therefore, how can we have any confidence in the Conservative Party to deliver a real Brexit?

Whoever becomes the next Prime Minister, they will undoubtedly come from a globalist liberal elite, who will view real patriotism as a threat to the multicultural experiment.

Therefore, in or out of the EU, the struggle for the British way of life will continue here. Be part of it. Join the British National Party today.

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