Oxford University set to strip Theresa May of degree

Oxford University educated Theresa May is given a P45 by comedian Lee Murren

Theresa May is set to be stripped of her degree by Oxford University.

In an unprecedented move, the Prime Minister is set to become the first person to have a degree revoked by the University.

The university’s association with Theresa May has become embarrassing due to her handling of Brexit, which has made her a laughing stock throughout the world.

Additionally, the University has decided to stop offering degree courses in Geography. It was in 1977 that Theresa obtained a degree in that subject.

The problem of soft degrees

Oxford University stated “We have decided to stop awarding ‘soft’ degrees like Geography, History, Philosophy, Politics, Poetry, and English. The world is a different place from forty years ago. There are too many unwanted graduates with soft degrees. It’s now clear that some of our former students with such degrees have not done well, especially in the world of politics.”

Michael Gove

Michael Gove obtained a degree in English from Oxford University. He's with Boris Johnson

Michael Gove obtained a degree in English from Oxford University.

It was Michael Gove who said in 2016 that he believed the Tories had made the right decision by making Theresa May prime minister!

He has denied stabbing Boris Johnson in the back during the 2016 Conservative leadership campaign.

David Cameron

Furthermore, ex-Prime Minister David Cameron studied Philosophy and Politics at Oxford.

The EU Referendum was a disaster for Cameron, who promptly resigned after voters rejected the European Union. Cameron made an epic miscalculation about the mood of the country over Brexit. He made one of the biggest political gambles in history and lost!

Donald Trump

Oxford’s Director of Admissions, April Fewell said “We will overhaul many courses to include the art of negotiation. The President of the United States said that Theresa May’s Brexit deal was ‘the worst deal in history.’ Therefore, one book that every student at Oxford should read is Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal.”

Diane Abbott

Diane Abbott got a history degree from Cambridge University

So, will other universities follow Oxford’s bold move?

Perhaps they will because there are rumours that Cambridge University is ready to revoke Diane Abbott’s History degree!

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