Tory leadership contenders: courage for no deal Brexit

Tory leadership contenders must have the courage for a no-deal Brexit otherwise the Conservative Party faces obliteration at the next general election.

Message to Tory leadership contenders: No deal, no problem! Written in white chalk on blackboard.

As the Tory leadership hopefuls launched their election campaigns, some Conservative MPs still believe in Project Fear. In other words, they have an unshakeable belief that a no-deal Brexit will be a disaster.

That is why you can still hear them talking about ‘crashing out’ or the ‘cliff edge’ of a no-deal Brexit. They are convinced that a deal with the EU is the only solution. The Remainer mindset is not in the national interest.

Tory leadership contenders should focus on sovereignty, not pander to business interests

Notice how the pro-EU fanatics never focus on national sovereignty but instead concentrate on how the business world might be affected.

The Remainers view the UK as a business park where the purpose of government is simply to provide favourable conditions for private companies.

However, the pro-EU extremists fail to mention that 95% of British businesses do not trade with the EU.

British people need certainty that any deal with the EU will not be a ‘Brexit in name only’ deal. Sadly, that’s the only deal that the EU will agree on.

A ‘Brexit deal with the EU’ is simply a phrase to make people feel that a real Brexit is achievable.

When national sovereignty and freedom are at stake, leaving the EU with a ‘Brexit in name only’ deal is insanity.

Brexit fiasco: Taxpayers to suffer

Some of the Tory leadership contenders are still convinced that the UK has to pay £39 billion as a ‘divorce settlement’  — this is nonsense! Getting out of the European Union with a ‘no-deal Brexit’ will save us £39 billion.

Let’s not forget that staying in the EU is costing this country £1 billion per month. Changing the exit date from 29th March 2019 to 31st October 2019 will cost this country an additional £7 billion.

The real brunt of this will be borne by the taxpayer.

A pro-Brexit demonstrator holds a placard with the words No deal or no Toriesas he gathers with others outside the House of Commons in central London on March 29, 2019

If the Tories are to remain in power, the new leader must rule out a ‘Brexit in name only deal’. Furthermore, the Conservative Party must have the courage to implement a no-deal Brexit.

The BNP played an enormous role in the fight to free Britain from the foreign rule of the EU. The British National Party are the original Brexiteers. Since 1982 the BNP warned of the dangers of political union in Europe.

However, all patriots must now keep the pressure on the pro-EU MPs by reminding them that the British public voted to leave the EU.

If the UK doesn’t leave the EU by 31st October 2019, then all the pro-EU MPs must be voted out of office.

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