Tories groom Muslim PM for Islamic takeover

When Amber Rudd resigned as Home Secretary over the non-issue of ‘Windrush’, with sickening predictability, the Tories leapt at the chance to replace a white woman with a Pakistani Muslim. 

Who else would this government, which is brimming with weak appeasers, place in charge of immigration, the police and our justice system, right after a year of the most horrific Islamist terror attacks in history?

It beggars belief! 

This terrifying situation has prompted a group of Conservative (Tory) insiders to make contact with us this week.

Their spokesman has told us that after a long and heated debate they all agreed that only the BNP could be trusted to alert the British people to the future planned for us all by Tory HQ.

He told us that it has been decided that a Muslim would be the next British Prime Minister!

He said:

“It’s an open secret, a matter of FACT that the Tories have sold us all out to Islam.”

This is happening in OUR country where thousands of Islamists have declared war on US – the British people – slashing the throats of citizens, blowing our children to pieces, throwing acid in our faces and gang raping and enslaving thousands of our young white girls.

The Tories now represent the most dangerous threat that our nation and our island have ever faced.

They are actively initiating the full takeover of Britain by Islam.

If they are not exposed and taken to task for their betrayal of the British people, our nation will be taken from us and our people subjugated under the tyrannical yolk of Islam.

The Tories are actively plotting to give the Muslims the “whip hand over the white man” – in the words of the legendary Enoch Powell.

We MUST fight back!

We can and we WILL fight to keep our beloved country a free, predominantly Christian democratic nation, and thanks to your continued support we still form the centre of a growing network of Patriots determined to fight for OUR rights in OUR country, but we need your support!



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