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What lies behind the plethora of Muslim grooming scandals in Britain? Why is it that these terrible events seem to surface in towns and cities which large numbers of Muslims have colonised all over the country?

What is it about such people that they behave in the way they do and have the attitudes they do?

BBC interviewers such as those on the Today programme and leftists / liberals in general are always at pains to try to steer the vulnerable young white girl victims of these people into saying that they were picked on merely because they were ‘available’.

The simple riposte to this piece of biased spin is that so they might have been, but they were not groomed by white men to whom they were equally ‘available’, but by Muslims.

Some white men certainly take advantage of young girls and always have done, but on nothing like the scale proportionately in the large local groups and systematic manner that these Muslims gangs do.

It is worth saying here that these Muslims were of course almost invariably ‘of Pakistani or Middle Eastern heritage’ as the leftist euphemism has it; desperately trying to avoid the idea of race.

But race certainly comes into it. Or are we supposed to think that it never crosses the minds of the men involved that almost all of their victims are white? Leftist / liberals may deceive themselves on that score but sensible people are unlikely to do the same.

What we have to do is to pinpoint the main root cause of these attitudes. It is to be found in the religion of Islam and in the cultures it has created in the countries of origin of the perpetrators.

Yes, those very same cultures which they have brought with them to this country and which, leftists assure us, will ‘enrich’ us.

It is well known, or ought to be, that women in Islam are regarded as distinctly inferior to men. In its infancy the religion gave women certain rights which they did not previously have such as the right to inheritance and the right of divorce.

Unfortunately, Islam has no self-generated notion of progress.

The Qur’an is after all eternal and for all time. It is unchangeable, as is the example of its Prophet. So what was an improvement in the 7th Century has remained 7th Century. The idea of Progress is specifically Christian in origin and so the Christian West left Islam far behind long ago, over this as in so much else.

The superiority of men over women is affirmed by Allah who states, ‘Men have authority over women because the one has been made superior to the other, and because they spend their wealth to maintain them.’ (Sura 4;14)

They are to obey their men on pain of physical punishment if necessary: ‘As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and send them to beds apart and beat them’ (Sura 4:34). ‘

This is not some discreetly veiled aspect of Islam, perceived as unfortunate by what Western liberals like to think of as ‘civilised’ and ‘modern’ Muslims. It is living, contemporary Islam.

Yes, it is taught in Ahmad Ibn Naqib Al-Misri’s 14th Century classic and highly authoritative ‘Reliance of the Traveller’ which decrees that a rebellious wife may be hit, ‘but not in such a way that injures her, meaning he may not… break bones, wound her or cause blood to flow.’

But it is also taught by such moderns as the Turkish Muslim guru Kemal Guran (blamed as the instigator of the recent attempted coup in Turkey) in his ‘The Muslim’s Handbook’, by the contemporary Spanish Imam Mohamed Kemal Mostafa in the latter’s ‘Women in Islam’ and by the ‘moderate’ Muslim scholar and apologist Dr Jamal Badawi, according to whom a gentle slap is allowed, but never on the face. (Gender Equity in Islam: Basic Principles. American Trust Publications 1995)

So low are women regarded in Islam that Muslim men can see themselves as being in danger of being befouled by relations with them when going to ‘plough’ their ‘fields’: ‘Your women are your fields, so go into your fields whichever way you like.’ (Sura 2:223) To avoid ‘merging’ with these low creatures during the act of ‘lovemaking’ they might utter a prayer to Allah at their critical moment.

So much for the status of women in Islam. Women who are not Muslims are even more inferior though, because all who are not Muslims are inferior to all those who are. As Allah informs Muslims:

‘Ye are the best of peoples, evolved for mankind, enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong, and believing in Allah.’ As for Christians and Jews, ‘most of them are perverted transgressors’. (Sura 3:110)

Much of the Quran is devoted to injunctions to Muslims to be hostile, most often violently, towards non-Muslims.

They are said to be diseased (Sura 2:10), perverse (Sura 2:99), stupid (Sura 2:171) and deceitful (Sura 3:73).

For some Muslims, women who have not had FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) are ‘unclean’ for that reason alone. These of course include non-Muslim women.

All this means that non- Muslim women can be, not just doubly, but triply low as individuals in the eyes of Muslim men. Low as women, lower still as non-Muslims and yet lower as non-FGM.

Muslim men of ‘Pakistani heritage’ are soused in this view of Islam towards women and non-Muslims. They know that the Qur’an and the Hadith approve of the use of women ‘whom one’s right hand possesses’ (Sura 4:24) in jihad (an elastic term which can mean any hostility towards non-Muslims).

They know that the ‘Prophet’ himself, a ‘beautiful pattern‘ of conduct for Muslims (Sura 33:21) married a girl of 6, consummated the marriage when she was 9 and had some kind of relations with her in the meantime.

They carry with them besides the desperate ignorance and narrow opinions of the communities they originate from back in the Indian sub-Continent. This is also true of Middle Eastern Muslims such as those from Syria and those from other parts of the Islamic world. European women and girls are not covered up with the concealing clothing thought of in Islam as necessary to avoid provoking men, so they must be deliberately provoking them, or so their thinking goes.

groomingThus it should not be unexpected when there is very little in the ethical climate within Muslim communities in Britain and elsewhere which would condemn the grooming of white girls, who are seen as having it coming to them, or ‘asking for it’, in contrast to purdahed, covered-up Muslim women. This attitude explains the lack of shame perpetrators exhibit if and when they come to trial and which seems to baffle journalist commentators.

These latter are clearly ignorant of Islam.

So when Muslim men encounter young white girls who have been out of responsible adult care and thanks to current amoral attitudes in the wider community are wide open to exploitation, disproportionate numbers of them duly grab the opportunity to exploit them.

All that stand between them and these sordid (to non-Muslim eyes at least) activities is the law and the social services.

But as we have seen, for many years the law has been more interested in appearing Politically Correct than in protecting young white girls.

As for the social services, their quite frankly sick attitude has been redolent of the deep leftism which pervades that ‘profession’.

They have declined to intervene in blatantly exploitative scenarios because the girls have been held to have made a ‘lifestyle choice’.

But another factor may be at work. The Western understanding of rape is barely realised in Islamic societies.

Or they know what it is, but under Islamic rules of evidence, it barely ever happens. In Islam, a woman’s testimony is worth half that of a man.

The implications for an accusation of rape are obvious. But where Sharia is in force, rape is almost impossible to prove.

The testimony of the victim herself is inadmissible. The Reliance of the Traveller declares, relying on the Qur’an, that four male witnesses of the act are required. (Sura 24:13). Of course, the likelihood of these being available are virtually nil.

And this requirement, which to repeat is in force today wherever Sharia reigns, causes immeasurable suffering.

Rape victims are reluctant to report the crime, since they themselves might be accused of impropriety with death the prescribed penalty.

Those living in an Islamic Culture, including in multicultural Britain, may not be fully aware that Western societies view rape differently. Perhaps at long last they are being taught the realities of life.

Let us hope so. But it is probably too much to hope for that those dim, deluded liberals who defend Islam will be taught the same.



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