Thank You

BNP Chairman
Adam Walker

I would like to thank the people of the Bishop Auckland constituency, who voted for me in the General Election.  As ever, I am humbled by the fact that people would put their faith in me and would put a cross in the box next to my name and our much loved BNP logo.

When my nomination was submitted, I said that the Conservatives had the best chance of removing Labour MP Helen Goodman from her seat on the gravy train. As such, I asked everybody to vote tactically, although if they could not bring themselves to vote Tory because of past Tory betrayal, they could cheerfully vote for me.  As long as they didn’t vote Labour, I was happy.

All I needed to achieve my goal was to take one vote away from the odious Goodman. So last night was a personal victory for me. From the public feedback and the results in the early hours of Friday morning, it became clear that I took many hundreds of votes away from Helen Goodman and helped to narrow the gap between her and the main challengers.

Of course, if only five hundred of the people who voted for me or for the Lib Dem candidate had cast their ballot for Tory, Chris Adams, then we would have waved goodbye to Aunty Helen. But we must respect the wishes of the voters and credit them with the intelligence to make an informed choice about who they wish to represent them. If the 36% of people who did not bother to vote had done so, the result could have been a lot different also.

If Chris Adams had been elected I doubt very much would have changed, as the Tories and Labour have both taken turns to low blow the people of Britain for decades, each making life more difficult for those struggling to get by, year after year and each stealing BNP policies at election time and yet never delivering any.

My congratulations go to our brave BNP candidates, who put themselves in the firing line for public and media criticism by participating in the democratic process. And my best wishes go to all those candidates, agents and activists, who were civil and pleasant at my count, despite our political differences, which, curiously, covered just about everybody apart from those wearing red rosettes.

I would have liked to have seen Helen Goodman sent back home, having been rejected by the voters. We can only hope she learns from the experience and starts to engage with the people of the Bishop Auckland constituency, listening to their views and concerns, rather than taking their Labour support for granted.

Nothing should be taken for granted.

If you didn’t have a BNP candidate in your area this time around, perhaps it is time for you to think about what type of future lays ahead for you and your family and perhaps you should step up to the mark and make a stand yourself.

You can contact our office Monday to Friday in office hours for more information on anything related to the British National Party. Call 0844 809 4581.

Considering the mess our once great country is in, the very least you can do is consider joining the only political party that has a plan to deal with terrorist attacks on our children and is willing to stand up to the rotten political elite to make Britain great again.

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Only BNP policies can build a better Britain.



Adam Walker




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