What are you doing to stop the rape of Britain?

Thousands of British girls across the country, some as young as 11-years-old, continue to have their lives and families destroyed in what police have described as a “tsunami of sexual abuse,” while doing next to nothing to stop it.

Because of the BNP, the authorities were forced to admit the horrific reality of Muslim rape gangs

Despite pledges by police and politicians to get tough on these perpetrators of these hideous crimes, the Conservative Home Office has prejudiced the ‘investigation’ into so-called ‘grooming’ by announcing from the start that it will not find any evidence of any religious link – it’s outrageous!

The Muslim rape gang phenomenon was uncovered, initially by the BNP’s very own Marlene Guest whose 15-year crusade against them resulted in providing the infamous Jay Report, which blew open the scandal, with its bulk of the evidence.

While the report stated most of the rapists were of ‘Pakistani heritage’ – ALL were Muslim!

The BNP is the ONLY political party that fiercely and courageously opposes the Islamification of our homeland.

The compromised planned investigation was revealed to the British National Party after the Home Office replied to a Freedom of Information request (FOI) submitted by the party.

It showed that the outcome of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre’s inquiry had been decided in advance to conform with the Establishment’s Politically Correct doctrine.

“Child sexual exploitation is not exclusive to any single culture, community, race or religion – it cuts across all communities.”

Declared the Home Office, Direct Communications Unit.

There we have it, the same group of people who claimed they were unaware of the mass torture and gang rapes of white girls by Muslim men have, nevertheless, claimed that they somehow know the ‘facts’.

The Home Office made further bold claims:

“Neither can [grooming] be simplified along ethnic lines where the victims constitute one ethnicity and offenders another.”

“The Government is reassured that the thematic assessment will look at child sexual exploitation as a whole and not as a race-specific issue.”

Quite how the Home Office is now going to fulfil its promise to “identify any patterns of offending or victimisation” having already declared that there are no such factors should leave no one in any doubt that this is a part of the extended PC strategy to continue the massive cover-up.

In other words, the slathering Politically Correct Conservative government is hell-bent on avoiding fingering Islam as the overwhelming factor in the brutal, racist sexual exploitation of thousands of vulnerable white British girls.

Even after Jack Straw’s headline-grabbing statement about Pakistani men passing the victims
round “like meat” the PC brigade still covered up the crimes.

It’s on their watch that these racist monsters continue their rape and torture of our girls. Not only did they know about it, they actively permitted it to happen.

Help us to keep the pressure on and to carry on the outstanding work of our late and great BNP activist, Marlene Guest.

Muslim paedophile rape gangs have attacked, tortured and gang raped thousands of young white girls while the authorities continue to cover it up

“News of this cover-up is truly sickening,” stated BNP Chairman, Adam Walker.

“Action was finally taken by authorities in Rotherham because they were caught out by Marlene – that’s a fact!

“The bloodshed and the ruined lives of thousands of young girls, not just in Rotherham, but across the entire country weighs on the consciences of the politicians who enabled and facilitated these horrific crimes for decades.

“They have taken the least action necessary, but believe me, Rotherham is the tip of the iceberg.

“The mass rape of British girls by Muslim paedophile gangs is taking place in every city and town with
a significant Muslim community.

“Failure to deal honestly with the problem condemns thousands of more children and their families to the same horror, misery, and torment.

“This is why the British National Party is continuing its campaign to force this issue into the spotlight and fight for justice for the victims.

“I promise the Conservative Government, the Labour-run Councils and corrupt police chiefs who are conspiring to cover this up, that we will continue to expose them for what they are – traitors to their race and nation!”

“If they won’t stop this racist criminality, then we will provide the leadership that victim communities need to do it themselves.”

It’s up to ALL of us, the Best of British, to force the authorities to take action to stop the mass rape of Britain by Muslims.

The BNP is the last hope, that’s why we need to build the Party to a position of strength – our must vulnerable young girls, need our help.

I’m asking to dig deep today and make the most generous donation online today or call the BNP donation hotline now on 0844 809 4581.

I know I can rely on you!

Clive Jefferson
BNP Deputy Chairman



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