Home Office admits to covering up Muslim rape gangs

Thousands of British girls across the country, some as young as 12, are having their lives and families destroyed in what senior police officers describe as “a tsunami of sexual abuse”, but very little is being done to stop it.

Despite pledges by the police and political elite to get tough on these disgusting crimes, the Conservative Home Office has hamstrung the ‘investigation’ into so-called ‘grooming’ by announcing from the start that it will not find any evidence of any religious link.

This despite the fact, as uncovered by the Rotherham investigation which resulted in the infamous Jay Report, while not all of the rapists involved in these gangs were ‘of Pakistani heritage’, they ALL had one thing in common – Islam.

The cynical bent investigation plans have been exposed by the Home Office reply to a Freedom of Information request submitted by the British National Party.

This reveals that the Politically Correct outcome of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre’s inquiry has been decided in advance.

The reply to the BNP’s FoI request, issued by the Home Office Direct Communications Unit proves that any internal investigations into the paedophile rape gangs is a pre-judged farce.

Despite the fact that the Jay Report determined that it was indeed entirely Muslims perpetrating their hideous crimes, the Home Office promises that all investigations will try to “identify any patterns of offending or victimisation”, it goes on to announce that it will find that there are none:

“Child sexual exploitation is not exclusive to any single culture, community, race or religion – it cuts across all communities.

“Neither can it be simplified along ethnic lines where the victims constitute one ethnicity and offenders another.

“The Government is reassured that the thematic assessment will look at child sexual exploitation as a whole and not as a race-specific issue.”

In other words, the Conservative government is determined to avoid even discussing the link between Islam and the brutal, racist sexual exploitation of thousands of vulnerable children.

And despite Jack Straw’s headline-grabbing talk about Pakistani men passing the victims round “like meat”, the Labour opposition is happy to be part of this three monkeys act.

“This cynical cover-up is sickening,” stated BNP Chairman, Adam Walker.

“Some action has been taken by authorities in Rotherham purely because they were caught out covering the horrific crimes for decades.

“They have taken the least action necessary to be seen to be taking action, but Rotherham is the tip of the iceberg, these gangs rapes of British girls by Muslim rape gangs is taking place in every city and town with a significant Muslim community.

“The political class are spitting in the face of thousands of victims of Muslim paedophile rape.

“And failure to deal honestly with the problem condemns thousands more children and their families to the same torment.

“This is why the British National Party is continuing its campaign to highlight this issue and seek justice for the victims. 

“I promise the Conservative government and the Labour councils and senior police officers who are conspiring to cover this up, that we will continue to expose their covering up of the crimes.

“If they won’t stop this racist criminality, then we will provide the leadership that victim communities need to do it themselves.”



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