How to save the NHS – Part 3

The British National Party can restore the NHS to its former glory

The British National Party can make the NHS better.

“The really good news”, says BNP Chairman Adam Walker, “is that now we begin to see how so much public money has been stolen by the criminal political elite and their big business friends, we can also see how – once we stop the losses and reclaim all the stolen property and money – we can put things right.

“Once we’re no longer shelling out a fortune for the PFI rip-off, Britain will be able to afford a first class health service again AND to cut taxes at the same time.

“All that is needed is the political will, and for the British people to summon up the courage to reject the political elite who have served us all so badly.

“The PFI swindle hasn’t only hit the NHS either. Council offices, the Ministry of Defence, prisons and the transport system – the infrastructure of a civilised nation has been put in hock to giant private corporations. Our public service common wealth has been turned over to private profit.

“It’s not complicated: The old parties and their friends have been looting Britain for years.

“All we have to do is to stop them and we can make Britain better. Easily!”



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