Enforced Multiculturalism is a diabolical crime against humanity

Of all the human races on Earth, only one race is denied the human rights of racial consciousness and preservation of identity and culture: Western whites.

The reason is the spread of cultural Marxism – in particular, an aspect of cultural Marxism referred to as “multiculturalism”.

This pernicious, destructive ideology involves importing millions of immigrants from all around the world, particularly the Third World, along with their cultures and religions.

This invasion of the West is sold on a promise that it will bring much-needed diversity and enrichment to the host nations.

All people and all cultures are equal, and should any patriotic Westerner dare to oppose this transformation of their communities, they will be accused of the Orwellian hate-crime of racism and be disgracefully and falsely smeared as “far-right Nazis”.

Multiculturalism is promoted at all levels of Western society.

Three generations of white children have been brainwashed with multicultural doctrine in schools and universities.

They’re told their own race is wicked and oppressive so they must put the interests of alien races above their own and tolerate their own eventual replacement.

The duplicitous mainstream media spews-out multicultural propaganda 24-7 including anti-white propaganda, especially the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, laying a guilt trip on whites to make them ashamed of their own race so they willingly surrender their territory.

Established political parties from both the left and right of the political spectrum prosecute the multicultural social experiment with unbridled relish.

Having opened their borders and invited in millions of immigrants from the Third World, they also force their own people to pick up the tab for it via punitive taxation.

And at the same time, Western governments are handing over billions of pounds, euros, and dollars to Third World countries including the nuclear super-powers India and China.

Foreign aid is an outrageous abuse of taxpayers who are not only funding their own replacement; they’re also paying tax to benefit people in foreign lands.

The self-righteous, we-know-better-than-you elitists don’t tolerate opposition to multiculturalism and will use the might of the law to crush it.

Bullied and deceived into accepting the transformation of their nations, the people of the West continue to vote for the very politicians who are deliberately disinheriting future generations of Westerners from their natural birth-right.

Such a dramatic transformation does not occur in ANY non-Western nation. Not in African nations – with the exception of South Africa which I class as a Western nation – it certainly doesn’t exist in any Islamic nation nor does it exist in oriental nations.

Not in African nations – with the exception of South Africa which I class as a Western nation – it certainly doesn’t exist in any Islamic nation nor does it exist in oriental nations.

All of the races in these nations – blacks, Orientals, Arabs, Berbers and so on are permitted the human right of racial consciousness.

Their nations are monocultural, their identities, traditions, and cultures preserved for future generations as is their natural human right.

Do you ever wonder why multiculturalism is conspicuous by its absence in non-Western nations?

Even when European colonialists brought the wonders of the West to the third world, the indigenous populations deeply resented the invasion of THEIR lands and wanted the occupiers to leave.

While keeping the scientific, engineering and medical advances they would never have created themselves obviously.

Conversely, the immigrants flooding into the West bring no advances whatsoever. Unless you consider chicken tikka masala, greasy halal doner kebabs or king prawn chow mein “advances”.

You’d also have to ignore rising crime, a rape epidemic and the constant threat of terror attacks obviously.

What do you think will happen when – not IF, WHEN – these immigrants become the majority in the West?

The self-serving elites who have opened the borders know full well what the dire consequences will be, and so do those on the liberal-left who fanatically prosecute multiculturalism.

Be in no doubt: Their shared goal is the destruction of the capitalist West.

That’s what the Marxist subverts who invented multiculturalism wanted to achieve.

They knew the people of the West had rejected socialism in favour of capitalism.

So a new people had to be imported who would become the new, oppressed victims of unjust Western capitalism.

Far from being about diversity and enrichment, multiculturalism is a punishment of Westerners for rejecting Marx’s socialist utopia.

The capitalist West must be destroyed and those who are imposing multiculturalism are inciting hatred for white people and stealing the future from generations of unborn white children.

But the perpetrators won’t pay the price for their treason. Future generations will.

European women and girls already are, with thousands of them victims of a migrant rape epidemic.

And the expendable victims of Islamic terror attacks have paid the highest price and so will many more.

The solution is to continue importing more and more invaders. It’s akin to pouring more oil on a bonfire!

And if you think those responsible don’t know what they’re doing then you’re more naïve than a nun in a brothel.

You and I are witnessing one of the greatest crimes against humanity ever committed.

And the indigenous peoples of the West have been deceived into cooperating with their own eventual replacement and demise.

So powerful is multicult propaganda backed up with the hate-crime of racism that most whites have become deeply uncomfortable about their own racial identity.

Even whites on the right, the counter jihad, and the alt-right are afflicted by race shame and intimidated into accepting all races are equal.

It should be blatantly obvious to any grown adult with an IQ higher than a haddock that racial equality is an outright lie.

It’s a wicked claim that denies reality and spits in the face of Mother Nature.

No other race could’ve created such an advanced, sophisticated, prosperous civilization generations of Westerners built with their blood, sweat, and tears.

Even the highly-intelligent oriental races didn’t generate anything that compares to Western civilization, a well-spring of invention and creativity that has taken the whole of mankind farther forwards than any other.

Burdened with the mother of all guilt trips because of the wicked lie of white privilege, whites who believe in racial equality will cite examples of Blacks, Orientals, and Asians who’ve “integrated”, meaning these aliens to the West have adopted Western culture and a Western lifestyle.

They’re blissfully unaware that this is true racism as it has stripped people of their natural identities and robbed them of their own cultures.

You don’t see this happening in any Third World tribal culture and you never will.

If what’s happening to the West is forced on African tribes, the disciples of multiculturalism would be outraged. The hypocrisy is sickening.

The hypocrisy is sickening.

Bullying, intimidating and brow-beating white people into treading on egg shells about their race must stop.

Scapegoating the white race for crimes committed by ALL races must also stop.

All other races are quite rightly proud of themselves and white people are entitled to be proud of their race too, even more so given whites have done more for other races than those races have done for themselves.

And here’s another painful truth: Non-white races haven’t done anywhere near as much for whites yet most nurture a seething hatred for whites and firmly believe they’re entitled to all the wonders created by the white race.

In its 1400 year history, Islam has contributed absolutely nothing to humanity.

Muslims have waged non-stop violent jihad on unbelievers from all races and the worst abusers and killers of Muslims are other Muslims.

It’s a similar story when it comes to Africa and black tribal races who’ve waged internecine wars throughout Africa’s long brutal history.

As African blacks flood into the West, this tribalism comes with them in the form of gang violence.

In the United States, the worst killers of blacks aren’t “racist whites” or rogue cops but other blacks.

Yet still, the governments of the West continue to import more and more immigrants from the Third World and demonize and even criminalize anyone who dares to oppose it.

They have reduced their own people laboratory rats and are giving away that which is not theirs to give.

In doing so, I assert they are committing the most diabolical betrayal ever committed in human history.

Who will pay for this wicked betrayal, this forcibly imposed transformation of Western nations and the wretched hatred of Western people?

Who will have to reap the consequences of the wilful, cowardly denial of the critical importance of race and the failure to support the civilization that gave so much, not only to its own people but the entire world?

They’re merely the sacrificial lambs who will reap tomorrow what is being deliberately sowed today.

Christopher J. Green is the author of the controversial new book: Liberty Violated – Untold Stories of the Seven Betrayals Breaking Down Western Civilization.

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