How long before lone wolf attacks become full scale assault on Europe?

So now they are trying to cover it up by saying they got the wrong man.

The problem is nobody any longer believes a word that officials say.

They speak with forked tongues; the thing is they can’t cover things up any longer.

What a legacy Merkel has given generations of German people, there will be unrest chaos and deadly events almost daily as time goes on, it is getting worse.

Do the German people not realise that the world’s greatest terrorist is hiding in plain sight in Berlin?

She invites them, provides safe passage, education and medical care, she feeds them, protects them, houses them, employs them, funds them and provides training centres disguised as places of worship.

By any definition, that is structured terrorism!

A non-terrorist would resign but she seems willing to die for her cause.

Has she been ‘radicalised’?

Merkel addressed the public calling for an investigation into how the carnage happened.

It happened Merkel, due to you welcoming people, many of whom have a deep hatred of our values and ways of life.

Merkel is in denial if she thinks every migrant coming to Europe is escaping danger.

With no background checks and false or missing paperwork, Merkel has made it easy for terrorists to enter Europe.



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