Photoshopping Black faces on White students – a sign of things to come?

Recently, the media reported that a promotional photograph of White students from a French college had been “enhanced” by an American PR company.

White faces were digitally darkened and non-White people inserted into the group picture of students from the French Émile Cohl Art College in Lyon.

Such attempts at enforced “diversity” and multiculturalism on the nations of Europe have become increasingly blatant by the political class.

A kind of [black] magic? White students are ‘blacked-up’ to meet the University’s globalist aspirations. Note: The East Asian students are left as they are… because that would just be “racist”!
We’re all familiar with the over-representation of non-Whites in television commercials, printed advertisements and those BBC idents for example.

But those Marxist media-types want to re-write our history as well as write-off our future.

In 2014, the BBC released a children’s cartoon in which a mixed-race family was described as “typical” of those living in Roman Britain.

This, despite no evidence that it was the case and overwhelming genetic evidence to the contrary.

Readers may remember the mainstream media delighting the story of Cheddar Man earlier this year which revealed to us that the most ancient Briton was ‘dark-skinned’.

There was even an accompanying Channel 4 documentary created to further the Leftists’ lie.

The Leftist-bent amongst many academics means that they are reluctant to let science get in the way of their fanciful dream, but eventually they conceded the story’s lack of integrity; such retractions failed to get the same level of mainstream media (MSM) coverage.

If current trends prevail, schools in France attended by exclusively White students will indeed become rarer, and without the need for digital manipulation; experts predict that within a couple of generations, Muslims will comprise the majority of the population in France.

Here in Britain, the Islamic population is on course to explode to 13 MILLION in the next few decades – and that’s a conservative estimate!

Only a strong BNP can pile enough pressure on the politicians to force them to stop their betrayal of the British people.

That’s why we need you!

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