Newcastle Muslim Rape Gangs reveal the face of racism in Britain is brown

The REAL face of racism

The treacherous British Establishment now faces the reality of “profoundly racist” Muslim Rape Gangs following the Newcastle case according to a former head of the Crown Prosecution Service.


Lord Macdonald made the comments the day after the conviction of 17 mainly Pakistani and Bangladeshi men for grooming, drugging, trafficking, and raping vulnerable white girls.

He told BBC Radio Four’s Today programme there was “a major problem in particular communities” of men viewing young white girls as “trash” and available for sex.

There had previously been a “reluctance” to investigate such crimes, he said, agreeing with presenter John Humphrys when he categorised them as “by and large, Muslim men who have been targeting white girls”.

Reluctance! An understatement so outrageous that it could only be made by a liberal.

For decades the Establishment has tirelessly persecuted and strived to silence the BNP for providing help for the victims and for exposing the horrors of racist Muslim Rape Gangs and the catastrophic failure of its multicultural agenda.

The BNP finally succeeded in bringing the World’s attention to the reprehensible activities of organised Muslim Rape Gangs and the horrors they continue to inflict on our white children, even forcing an independent inquiry and providing the bulk of evidence which culminated in the 2013 Jay Report.

Lord Macdonald continued:

“There has been, in the past, a reluctance to investigate a category of crime that people might believe attaches to a particular community in circumstances where men may be targeting young women.”

Translation: Establishment politicians, police, and the BBC had colluded to prosecute and jail BNP spokesmen and activists for providing help for the victims and exposing the horrifying phenomenon pervading every town and city in Britain with a significant Muslim community – that of racist Muslim Rape Gangs praying on young white girls.

“The fact that these sorts of cases are being brought successfully demonstrates that those sorts of so-called taboos no longer exist.”

Translation: Thanks to the tireless efforts of heroic BNP activists, the true face of racism has now been exposed, and the authorities are now forced to take action.

“But there’s obviously a serious issue about the way that young women are regarded in these cases—regarded as trash, regarded as available for sex.

“And this seems to be a recurring theme. This is a major problem in particular communities, and it has to be confronted not just by law enforcement but by communities themselves.”

It’s not a problem in white British communities, nor does in appear to a problem in any other community except the Muslim community – tell it like it is, Lord McDonald!

“This is obviously disgusting and outrageous behaviour, and it’s completely unacceptable. It’s not something that law enforcement itself solely can deal with.”

Imagine for a second that had the monsters been white and praying on ‘brown’ Muslims; white Brits would be collectively punished and paying a huge price!

That’s because it’s one law for them another one for us.

Best believe, in that case, the BNP would be leading the demand to impose the harshest penalty on such people that British law can mete out.

“Not all sex crime belongs in a particular community, but there is a particular issue about some men in some communities who feel that these young girls are trash who are available for sex.”

Police have identified over 700 victims of this latest racist Muslim Rape Gang in Newcastle.

It’s the second largest to be identified since Rotherham.

Protecting our children

The fact that so few Muslim leaders have spoken out about the horror of Muslim Rape Gangs, or asked for assistance in rooting out the racist paedophiles in their midst, proves that all cultures are far from equal.

It’s clear that Brits cannot expect Muslim leaders to police their own communities; furthermore, their culture of silence strongly suggests that some Muslim leaders approve of the rape of young white girls.

As a result, we must take steps to protect our children.

Both parenting and education are failing our most vulnerable.

They need to be informed of the facts and the dangers that multiculturalism has brought on us all,  contrary to the Politically Correct (I hesitate to add ‘racist’) politicians, police and media our children must be taught that the face of rape, torture, and racism comes from those with a ‘brown’ face… as Lord McDonald put it “mainly Pakistani and Bangladeshi men”.

Were it not for the BNP, thousands of young white victims would still be facing torture and rape from Muslim gangs across Britain, many more still face that horror.

Only the BNP is providing the political pressure necessary to force the rotten Establishment.

We need YOUR help to step up the pressure.

If you are not already a proud member of the BNP, count yourself in and know that you are making a difference to protect our nation and our children –  join the BNP online here today. 




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