zemanThe mass rape of European women by Muslim ’refugees’, no-go ghettos and the highest level terror alerts since World War 2 are just three factors proving that Muslims are next to impossible to integrate into Europe stated Czech President Milos Zeman in an interview on Sunday.

“Recent events demonstrate once again that the integration of the Muslim community [into Europe] is practically impossible,” Zeman told the tabloid newspaper in a video interview.

“Let them have their culture in their countries and not take it to Europe, otherwise it will end up like Cologne.”

In a show of commonsense that would horrify David Cameron, the Czech President affirmed that, “integration is possible with cultures that are similar,” citing the example of Ukranian and Vietnamese communities which had retained their distinct national identities, but respected and adhered by the Czech laws and culture.

Last year, Mr Zeman further enraged the EU leaders by slamming their mass immigration agenda as “an organised invasion” before urging ‘refugee’ asylum seekers to return to Iraq and Syria and “take up arms” in the fight against ISIS and their countries.

The drafting in of hordes of young Muslim men by Angela Merkel and her EU ilk was playing directly into the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood, he continued, which was actively trying to alter the demographics to “gradually control Europe.”

According to 2010 survey by Pew Forum over 19 million Muslims reside in the EU, with more than another 1 million having arrived in 2015.

The BNP is the only political party with the commonsense and courage to oppose the Islamisation to preserve our precious and unique British identity and keep British people safe in our own homeland.

The BNP will refuse any further mosque planning permission, ban halal meat, ban Sharia law in Britain, and introduce a national security moratorium on all immigration until all those illegally here in Britain can be deported.



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