LGBT exposed inflating gay stats for teens

Official statistics have blown apart claims by the mainstream media (MSM) that one-third of young people in Britain identify as gay or bisexual.

In its latest study on sexual identity released yesterday, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) showed the figure to be just 4.1 per cent in 2016.

While 16 to 24-year-olds are more likely to report themselves as lesbian, gay, or bisexual (LGB) than any other age group, there was no statistically significant rise in the figure from the previous year.

The group of people aged 16 to 24 who identified as LGB comprised of 1.5 per cent who said they are lesbian or gay, and 2.4 per cent professing to be bisexual.

“The proportion of the population who identified as LGB declined with each consecutive age group,” stated the report, inferring that the LGBT lobby’s infiltration and militant pressuring of media entertainment and teaching authorities for decades has played a significant role in manipulating the self-declared sexual preference of young people.

Interestingly, it also cited that people of “mixed or multiple ethnic groups” (4.3 per cent) were more than twice as likely to identify as LGBT than white people (2 per cent), who were just over twice as likely as Asian (0.9 per cent) or black (0.9 per cent) people.

It’s a finding that might suggest that this group has a more difficult time identifying itself in general and therefore seeks out one which it can call its own.

The ONS findings have brought fresh criticism of PC authorities which have continuously and dishonestly inflated figures to justify special treatment in the name of what they call ‘diversity’ and what the rest of us recognise as ‘social division’ and ‘special interests’.

Political Correctness has infected almost every institution of society; schools, media, entertainment, literature, police, political, local authorities, business and even the church.

It’s a fact perhaps exemplified by the caving in of PC police forces to LGBT demands to provide camp cops with ‘diversity training’ paid for by the taxpayer.

The tiny percentage that LGBT fascists claim to represent apparently require their own separate branch of policing, complete with gaily decked out patrol cars, officers with infantile rainbow paint and adorned with daft uniform accoutrements before being deployed to dance and prance around at various events while claiming they have no money to do their paid jobs.

The British taxpayer pays for special vans for special needs

Of course, any time spent on the job is taken up searching for phantom ‘hate-crimes’ (the genuine ones of which are hate-hoaxes perpetrated by the left) while real crimes go uninvestigated.

Police are supposed to provide a service to all.

The BNP firmly believes that if Britain’s police forces are good enough for one group, they’re good enough for everyone.

That goes too for the gated communities of career politicians living in and around Whitehall who now employ a special police force to manage the well-being and safety of our ‘superiors’.

Leftwing Liberals are, not for the first time in history, beset with a paradox: If ‘equality’ means treating everyone as equals, as one and the same, why are certain groups receiving preferential treatment?

This question is ignored by ‘regressive’ leftwing Liberals because hypocrisy is written into every aspect of their warped, socially corrosive and scurrilous doctrine.

After all, to paraphrase George Orwell, some people are more equal than others.



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