Labour suspends councillor after she claims gay pride perverts traumatise children

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Labour have suspended their Harrow councillor Chika Amadi after she slammed ‘paedophile’ gay pride marchers for traumatising children by parading naked in front of them.

Her tweets, which have since been deleted read:

“Walking about naked in front of children is nothing but paedophilia being labelled liberalism.”

Could this be the offending image? Internet viral image taken from Google search.

Linking to a 2014 article featuring a photo from the 2011 Toronto Pride march with a young girl covering her eyes as a naked man flaunted himself in front of her, Mrs Amadi commented:

“Who cares how distressed the child in the picture is? I do. It is unfair to take away a child’s innocence.”

According to the Daily Mail, which described the suspended Labour councillor as an Evangelical Christian, Mrs Amadi’s comments stirred up ‘anti-gay’ and ‘homophobic’ sentiments on Twitter.

Daily Mail

Harrow Council’s leader, Sachin Shah, told the Evening Standard:

“As Leader of Harrow Council and a proud Harrow resident I absolutely reject and condemn these abhorrent statements.

“Homophobic views have no place in our community – which is one of the most diverse and accepting in all of the UK.

“We stand for equal rights for all – and I have asked the national Labour Party to deal with this issue swiftly and decisively.”

Dylan Thomas and Sarah Kerton, the co-chairs of LGBT Labour, also issued a separate statement calling the comments “offensive, distasteful and homophobic”.

They called for Harrow Council’s Labour group to suspend Amadi and for her to be reported to the party’s standards committee.

Where to start with this one?

First off, it’s always great fun to hear about the political left’s identity politics blow up in their faces.

Their ‘progressive’ ideology is driven by dividing people up by race, religion, sex, gender and every other group that they can strain their warped minds to conceive and invent.

It’s a strategy to furnish these groups with the ‘privilege’ of minority status thereby award them the title of ‘oppressed’ by a majority ‘oppressor’.

With a population split into a myriad of minority groups, all of whom are classed ‘oppressed’, the political left then presents itself as the champion of the oppressed and benefits from their support.

Those of us uncontaminated by this poisonous ideology can’t help but savour the infighting between the left’s ‘oppressed minority’ groups.

Western culture – created by white males – is the most tolerant of homosexuality, but that hasn’t deterred progressives from the relentless assault on all things considered straight, white and male.

If these same progressives actually put their racism, misandry, and hatred of the ‘patriarchy’ aside for one second, they might observe the fact that Blacks generally don’t care for the whole gay thing and Muslims sure as hell don’t!

Second, who on Earth takes a child to a gay pride march?

Doing so is as inappropriate as smuggling a minor into a lap dancing club, and anyone caught doing such a thing should be prosecuted for child abuse and have their status as a legal guardian reassessed.

Third, if anyone who objects to men parading around naked on the streets in lewd fashion – gay or otherwise – is ‘homophobic’, as Mrs Amadi’s fellow Labour councillors have suggested, then they’ve branded in one fell swoop the majority of the population so, including a significant number of gay people.

Yes, LBGT does not represent all gays!

Of course, the BNP have a common sense view on this issue:

If it’s within the law, whatever consenting adults choose to practise in the privacy of their homes is their business and their business alone.

Lewd and depraved conduct in the streets is not liberating; it is degenerate, socially corrosive and harmful to society.

It’s one of the reasons, heterosexual people in large numbers do not carry on in such a manner.

LGBT is a left-wing organisation, which therefore believes in totalitarianism and forcing everyone the tyranny of the few.

If the LGBT pressure groups really want homosexually tolerated even more than it is now, perhaps they should encourage their supporters and activists to purport themselves like respectful and dignified adults.

The BNP is the ONLY political party in Britain that speaks out against LGBT bullying of straight people and the significant number of the gay community who do not wish to be associated with the subversive activities of the LGBT lobby.

Isn’t it time you took a stand for decency, cultural regeneration, the reintroduction and protection of wholesome family values in order to protect children?



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