Left eats itself in Ramadan rape case

High-profile Islamist apologist and adviser to the British government, Tariq Ramadan, has been charged by French police for rape.

Ramadan, 55, is being held on charges of rape and rape of a vulnerable person after two women accused him of violently assaulting them in hotel rooms in Lyon and Paris in 2009 and 2012 after conferences.


Apparently waking up to the fact that concealing the identity of an alleged rapist could have put many other women in danger, two have now come forward and made formal complaints to police.

But not before they were ’emboldened’ by a trending Twitter hashtag #MeToo.

The hashtag came about after Hollywood actresses, who had also restrained themselves from revealing the identity of movie mogul and serial rapist Harvey Weinstein – presumably to assure their multi-million dollar careers – triumphantly lavished on themselves praise for having finally speaking out after many years of silence.

One of Ramadan’s accusers, self-proclaimed ‘feminist’ Henda Ayari, 41, finally named her alleged rapist 6 years later, but not before cashing in with a book detailing her story.

Bravery indeed!

In their ceaseless witch hunt to identify ‘oppressors’, the political Left is now eating itself, and this latest scandal involving individuals from assigned ‘minority’ groups is another perfect example.

According to The Guardian, Ayari previously practised a conservative (Islamist) strain of Islam and now heads the (feminist) women’s organisation Les Libératrices.

Deranged third-wave feminists have already turned on second-wave feminist stalwarts such as Germain Greer and Julie Bindel for, among other things, refusing to accept transgender man as women and that these men should be sharing toilets with little girls.

Feminist Muslim women are now turning on Muslim men for their part in the grand conspiracy theory of the ‘patriarchy’ and the ‘rape culture’ rife among their men.

Muslim men, who have previously enjoyed impunity from the Left and Left-wing-control institutions because of their ‘minority’ and ‘oppressed’ status are now at the receiving end of radical feminism wrath.

Another recent example of the Left eating itself came about after female employees at the notoriously Left-controlled institution, the BBC, took action against their Left-wing bosses for sex discrimination over salary.

For those of us on the political Right who have been the sole target of foaming-mouthed Leftist hatred for decades, it takes a certain amount of restraint not to delight in the misfortune of those who have for years subjected it on us, but that’s not our way.

The political Left is in the process of turning itself inside out and this is just the beginning.

We could take our popcorn and a back a seat and enjoy the spectacle, but that’s not our thing either – let’s help them out and lend a hand 😉



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