Where have all the jobs gone? – Part 3

Internationalism & Globalism

Apart from the bankers’ crisis and government cuts, the internationalist policies of Tory, Labour and LibDem alike make the job loss crisis even worse in several ways:

The greed and corruption of the big banks has brought the real economy to its knees

Immigration: British workers have to compete for jobs with workers from low-pay Eastern Europe.

Britain’s biggest retail employer, Tesco, has admitted to recruiting staff from Slovakia to work in its British stores.

European Union: Brussels bureaucracy is costing British jobs.

In 2011, a quarter of the whole workforce at a major Aberdeenshire fish processing firm were laid off due to Brussels’s fishing quota.

Peterhead-based Fresh Catch said that in that year alone, it was badly hit by a 95% cut in the blue whiting quota imposed by the EU on British fishermen to allow foreign fishermen to keep taking our fish.

In addition, the vast amounts of red tape imposed on us by Brussels has strangled Small and Medium Enterprises, costing billions and destroying jobs.

Globalised Free Market: Capitalism leaves profitable British firms vulnerable to foreign multinationals, which buy them up, asset-strip them and shut them down.

This is what happened to the Cadbury chocolate factory in Bristol, which was shut down in 2012 with the loss of 400 jobs.

All US-based multinational Kraft wanted was profitable Cadbury brand names like Dairy Milk and Double Deckers, which they can make cheaper elsewhere in their worldwide empire.

This is what has led to the virtual deindustrialisation of Britain. Once the ‘Workshop of World’, we scarcely make anything any more.

Global Warming Scam: Taxes and subsidies for near-useless ‘alternative’ energy systems like wind farms, and ‘climate change mitigation’ hand-outs to rich developing countries like China and India, are now costing Britain £18 billion per year.

That’s a lot of money to give away on account of a load of dodgy dossiers and manipulated statistics.

But the political elite like the ‘climate change’ story because it’s a great excuse to tax and control ordinary people, and because a ‘global problem needs a global solution’.

It’s not really about polar bears – it’s about power!

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