How to handle insults on social media

When using social media, nationalists will often get negative replies and comments.

Anyone who suggests that a nation should have the right to control its borders will get an avalanche of slur and swear words.

The most common slur words they use are Nazi, racist, and fascist.

The most common swear words they use are those which begin with the letter ‘f’ or the letter ‘c’.

Bad spelling on social media may get you a large number of insults.

So, let’s begin…

Defend yourself on social media

It’s good to know some defensive moves.

The following diagrams explain some techniques that can be used to handle these insults.

The R-word

If someone is calling you the R-word, then use this…

Social media racist

The F-word

If someone is calling you the F-word, then use this…

The N-word

Use this, if they use the N-word…

Spelling Mistakes

Are you always criticised for your spelling?

If so, then this may help…

common spelling mistakes

If it gets really out of hand

You can always just block or unfriend them.

However, if insults turn into harassment then report the abuse.


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