Happy St George’s Day. It should be a national holiday!

A shield with a St George's cross on it against a black background. St George's Day 2019
St George’s cross on a shield.

The British National Party wishes a happy St George’s Day to all those around the world of English descent.

Saint George is not only the patron saint of England but also of Portugal, Malta, Serbia, Lithuania, and Venice.

Contrary to popular belief, patron saints don’t have to be from the countries they represent. They just need to epitomise the characteristics the country wants to portray to the world.

It’s understood that St George was an officer in the Roman army, serving under Emperor Diocletian.

The Emperor had St George tortured and then beheaded when he wouldn’t renounce his faith in Christ.

Throughout Europe, stories of his faith and courage soon spread. King Richard I, better known as Richard the Lionheart, placed himself and his army under the protection of St George during the Third Crusade in the 12th century.

Statue of Richard the Lionheart outside Parliament. He adopted the emblem of St George: A red cross on a white background
Proud and defiant, Richard the Lionheart raises his sword outside the Houses of Parliament

Richard the Lionheart also adopted the emblem of St George — a red cross on a white background — which is now on the English flag. King Edward III made St George England’s official saint in the 14th century.

Shakespeare helped to immortalise St George in English tradition.

In Shakespeare’s Henry V, Act III, King Henry V finishes his pre-battle speech at the Siege of Harfleur with the memorable phrase:

Cry God for Harry, England, and St George!

Labour Party celebrates St George’s Day one day early!

The Labour Party doesn’t even know the date of St George’s Day! Party officials had to delete a Tweet celebrating St George’s Day on the wrong day.

Note to the Labour Party: St George’s Day is on the 23rd April.

An internal Labour Party report stated that, because of political correctness, Labour activists are scared to celebrate St George’s Day.

In 2014, the Labour MP Emily Thornberry was accused of snobbery after posting a photo of a house with St George flags and a white van parked outside.

She resigned from Labour’s Shadow Cabinet over the incident but the Labour Party ‘luvvies’ have welcomed her back.

Labour Party steals BNP policy

Additionally, the Labour Party has stolen a British National Party policy, which is to make St George’s Day a national holiday.

Happy St George’s Day!

A knight in full armour with sword and shield with St George's Cross done in retro style with the words Happy St George's Day



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