Freedom of speech versus Facebook

The BNP's Brexit Betrayal banner outside Downing Street, London has been censored by Facebook
BNP activists outside Downing Street, London with their Brexit Betrayal banner. They later handed in a letter to Theresa May telling her to resign

Freedom of speech versus Facebook

Further to the outrageous ban that Facebook imposed on the British National Party, it’s worth remembering that it’s by no means surprising.

Angela Merkel asked Facebook's Mark Zuckerburg what they could do to censor criticism of her migration policy. He replied “We’re working on it.”
In September 2015, Angela Merkel was caught on a live microphone asking Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg what they could do to censor criticism of her migration policy – his answer: “We’re working on it.”

While the migration crisis was well underway in 2015. German Chancellor Angela Merkel asked Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for his help to stop European citizens from posting criticisms of her migration policy on Facebook. He said he was working on it!

Merkel’s extreme policies have resulted in around 1.4 million ‘refugees’ arriving in Germany since then, and it’s now well known that one in five people residing in Germany has a migration background.

Last year, analysis by the Wall Street Journal concluded that over 30% of all crime suspects in Germany in 2017 were foreign.

The BNP has been at the forefront of exposing the realities of diversity in Britain, from Muslim grooming-gangs to violent crime and ritual slaughter.

It’s no wonder wealthy, prominent liberals like Mark Zuckerberg want to suppress facts like these, by banning those patriots willing to share them publicly. Any defence of our identity is a threat to the globalist multi-cultural project.

Facebook wants to censor freedom of speech. Facebook has banned the British National Party (BNP).
Leftist Facebook wants to ban everything that’s Right

Social media firms like Facebook, it seems, are just another form of mainstream media. They can no more be entrusted to defend our traditions of free speech than can Channel 4 News or The Guardian, for example.

The British National Party will continue the fight for freedom of speech and will not surrender to intimidation.

Furthermore, we believe that criticism and dissent are essential in a democracy.

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