Coronavirus Announcement – We’re here to help

Owing to government coronavirus precautions, Britain is currently in ‘lockdown’. Citizens have been asked to remain at home and leave only for essential travel including grocery shopping and exercise.

For many of us, this means weeks of isolation with little to no contact with others. Isolation presents challenges for all, but for those of us living alone, isolation without family, friends and loved ones places a huge strain on our mental and physical well-being.

As part of our BNP family, members and donors need not feel isolated!

While we fully recognise that true patriots are very resourceful, BNP HQ is here to provide support for all our people.

If you suffer the anxiety of isolation and would like to chat with like-minded members of your BNP HQ team, please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call. 

Should you find yourself in desperate need of essential supplies, BNP HQ will try to contact a member close to you who can help.

If this service is unavailable in your area, BNP HQ will arrange a Central Aid Package to post direct to you.

You are not alone. Your BNP family is only a phone call away 0757 254 8669.



For those whose personal circumstances are secure, please consider making a donation today so we can help out others less fortunate.


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