80% of Muslims on benefits means discrimination in the workplace?

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The fact that 80% of Muslims rely on the taxpayer to sponsor their existence means that they are being discriminated against in the workplace, a PC womans’ group has deduced.

An independent report from the Women’s Budget Group and the Runnymede Trust due to be published this week will reveal that those hit hardest by the cuts to benefits and public services are likely from Asian Muslim families.

‘Asian’, which is an MSN (mainstream media) codeword for ‘Muslim’ (see ‘Asian’ Rape Gangs) households will be £11,678 worse off overall by 2020, compared with a fall of £6,199 across the decade for white families.

The findings are sure to be met by a wall of red-faced ‘regressive’ Liberal leftists scratching their heads for answers before bawling ‘racism’ at anyone and everyone.

The reasons behind such findings are plain as day for those who pay attention to the facts.

The Muslim community claims more welfare benefits than any other religiously or ethnically defined groups that now comprise the divided jumble of communities of today’s fractured British society.

Speaking on Mayadeen TV, Egyptian Islamist researcher Ali And Al-Aal revealed that 80% – a staggering 50Million – of Muslims live off the European taxpayer to sponsor their existence.

Last year, a House of Commons committee released a report stating that in the Muslim community 65% of women and 35% of Muslim men are unemployed and being paid for by the British taxpayer.

Rather than acknowledging the fact that, in the words of a source close to the Cabinet Office, Asian Muslims are living in an “entirely different society” and are “shockingly badly integrated”, and that many Muslim women refuse to work, and the many Muslim men refuse to let them work, the Women and Equalities Committee reacted with the usual nasty leftist idiocy by searching for someone else to blame.

Cue their default position: Not only must it be discrimination in the workplace, but it has to be a conspiracy by those ‘evil straight white males’.

The reality is totally different.

Far from being equal, all cultures are unequal in the virtue of their values and their potential for building and sustaining a produce, civilised society.

Different ethnic and cultural groups also vary greatly in IQ, meaning that forcibly bundled together, any progress is limited to that of the ‘slowest kid in the class’.

Multiculturalism is a destructive, inhumane and woefully immoral neo-Marxist construction, and these latest findings have yet again extended the chasm of rational understanding between the dangerous idiots of the Liberal left and the rest of us with common sense.



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