“It’s very anti-Labour!” complains BBC about latest BNP leaflet

The latest BNP leaflet is causing a stir in Louth, Lincolnshire.

BNP teams were out in the constituency yesterday delivering the latest expertly crafted leaflet highlighting the failure of the local Labour Councillors and their threat to the local people of imposing on them a new mosque.

BBC Lincolnshire contacted one of our local BNP organisers in the area earlier today.

“It’s very anti-Labour!” complained the BBC reporter.


“Yes, of course it is!” responded an incredulous BNP Press Officer, David Furness.

“The BNP are rivals to the Labour Party in the Louth constituency and the incumbent Labour Councillor spends all her time Tweeting angry messages about President Donald Trump and calling for Britain to take hordes of bogus ‘refugees’ from the Third World, and she’s done next to nothing for her constituents!

“The BNP has always held these old-party career politicians to account for their failure to represent local people and we’ll be continuing to do so.”

Nice to know the Labour Party is taking note.

Using their leftist BBC allies to hound their opposition for them is the oldest trick in their tatty and battered old book.



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