A very PC history by the BBC

The BBC's politically correct version of the British flag is green, brown, and yellow.
The BBC’s politically correct version of the British flag

A Very PC History: The politically correct BBC is at it again. Recently, viewers ‘enjoyed’ a variety of programmes on BBC4 under the title: A Very British History.

Were these inspirational stories about the English, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh peoples (and their collective struggles and triumphs over millennia) who helped forge the civilised, democratic and developed world?

No! Put simply, this was the history of foreigners. Our licence payer-funded public service broadcaster showed several programmes about our ‘cultural history in the 20th century’ which include the inspiring stories of Gypsies, Ugandan Asians, and Jews in Yorkshire. And of course, the deified Windrush generation – because what would have become of our post-war economy without a ready supply of Jamaican bus-conductors?

The decision to label this collection of inspiring television as ‘Very British’ is, of course, deliberate. But as we know, the far-left are the masters of misinformation; just think about communist East Germany, which was branded a “Democratic Peoples’ Republic.”

Being British

Our establishment wants us to think that being British can include anyone from anywhere.

The effect is to steal our identity and history from us.

According to the BBC, and the rest of our ruling institutions, mass immigration defines us. So, any narrative of a settled, European, and Christian people achieving heroics and greatness must be suppressed. New waves of migration are always to be cheered, no matter what the cost on your community.

But the recent history of enforced enrichment is going to shape our future. For example, the Muslim population of Britain will explode (sometimes literally) to 13 million within the next few decades – according to conservative estimates.

So, the BBC’s A Very British History should have been titled A Very PC British History.

If you would like to be able to celebrate your history in your own homeland without guilt and without political correctness, then you know what to do.

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