Another Muslim boy's school is being planned in Britain adding to the growing Islamic school programme and will be aided with taxpayer's money.

Typical of the Obama regime, we are faced with another attempt to separate Muslim extremists and terrorists as Islamists.
The meeting will be held THIS Thursday 29th January 2015 at 8pm, at a Salford venue.
Labour finds an unlikely dupe to assist it this morning in spitting on the graves of the Charlie Hebdo victims in a trademark but now somewhat outdated attempt to suppress freedom of expression.
Over the next couple of days we’ll be publishing a whole series of Policy Briefs, complete with six at-a-glance bullet points each. Immigration is the first focus.
Oh dear, some of Anjem Choudary's chums have been given Asbo orders.
If ever there was a policy own goal - it came from the Green Party over the weekend.
Pensioners are no longer alone in having to Heat or Eat during the cold winter months, hard-pressed families are now being forced to make the choice too.
A sensible plan that would allow Britain to deport criminals to serve their jail sentence in a prison of their homeland, thus saving millions to the taxpayer has been scuppered by nine EU nations who have refused to sign the treaty.
A look at the BNP policy brief on the subject of Putting Britons First.

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