The British National Party would like to take this moment to wish all our readers a Happy St George's Day.

Today, Wednesday the 23rd April we have a Burnley Day of Action followed by an evening Blackpool North West election launch and planning meeting. Join us there.
Video: Party Chairman and North West MEP Nick Griffin speaks at a South East election fundraiser.
In this video from Strasbourg, filmed during session on Thursday the 17th April, BNP MEP Nick Griffin tells the European Parliament the real truth about the situation on the ground after visiting the country twice last Summer.
On Saturday 19th April, dedicated BNP activists hit Market Drayton, Oswestry and Wellington with target-specific leaflets designed for maximum impact in order to awaken the local public and stir up patriotic emotions in the run up to the EU elections
The case of 18-year-old Abdullah Deghayes again proves that the British National Party is right to warn of an ‘enemy within’. Deghayes went with his brothers to fight for Islamic fundamentalism in Syria.
By our London Correspondent - On the 30th anniversary of her murder, veteran London activist Paul Borg was determined to see that the party was shown not to have forgotten the sacrifice of WPC Yvonne Fletcher.
I am delighted to give you a look at our new mascot for the vital European and Local council elections: the British Bulldog – what could be more iconic than that?!
In this video from Strasbourg, filmed during session on Thursday the 17th April, BNP MEP Nick Griffin highlights the shocking hypocrisy of the EU as it ignores the repression of people in Italy and Greece whilst showboating about North Korea's shortcoming
Burnley Day of action and evening Blackpool meeting for NW election launch/planning meeting.
National Organiser, Adam Walker gives a small tutorial on how to turn a can of spray paint and a bed sheet into a useful and reusable tool for nationalist activists.
Following a riverside walk from Wandsworth down stream to Pimlico, it is clear the blossom, lavishly adorning all trees this year, is just about to end as the trees burst in to leaf.
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