Lynne wonders why the Sikh who died in the container when getting threats from Muslims in Afghanistan didn’t move to a Sikh enclave in India? Now his wife and two sons are here and we all know what that means: free education, free healthcare, free housing, benefits and a sympathetic community to join and probably re marry and produce yet more little Sikhs. And of course we have the lovely possibility that in the future our Sikh and Muslim communities will fall out, as will the West Indian and African ones, and the Russian and Polish ones etc. It doesn’t end with one container load of human misery being transported into another country which is and will be full of human misery! It is like putting a cork in a fizzy bottle of booze – it will pop one day or another at the first chance it gets.
The 4:30 a.m. spot on the BBC World Service is clearly designed to wind me up (even more), and I do realise that only about 12 people in Britain actually listen to the racist, propagandist nonsense
For over 50 years, resident ethnic minorities have been encouraged to sue for racial discrimination particularly against suppliers, firms and employers owned by native Britons in the UK
The British National Party's Veterans Officer, Pete Molloy, visited Irish Nationalists in Dublin on Friday, 15th August, 2014.
A BBC report has laid bare the corporation’s agenda to sexualise young children by exposing them to homosexuality in their ‘formative years’.
It was widely reported last week that the most common boys' name in England and Wales for 2013 was Oliver.
Stalwart nationalist Derek Adams gives his take on the recent change of Party Chairmanship

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