By now the public must be thoroughly fed up with the general election campaign by the big two parties. It's been going since January 1st and signs of voter fatigue is starting to show.

Theresa May, it appears has made a Conservative Manifesto pledge to implement “new incentives and penalties” to get immigrants learning English if they are re-elected.
Diversity and cohesion emergency teams are required to travel to Sealand, Wales, to deal with people who are in desperate need of re-education classes.
After the success of Hornchurch and Upminster Crowd Funding reaching it's target of £2,000 to stand a candidate in the General Election, two more candidates have launched a fundraising appeal.
The local team are heavily distributing colour leaflets and feedback is positive.
The BNP has WON its campaign to stop ‪Bromley‬ Council giving planning permission to a mosque.
France like the EU has had a near open door policy when it comes to millions of Muslims from Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Syria who now make up 10 per cent of the French population.

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