The Royal Bank of Scotland has announced that 63 jobs from its Business Banking Support Unit in Brighton would be offshored to the bank’s operations in India at the expense of the local economy.

Workers losing their job are mainly support staff with years of experience and ties to the Brighton community.

By Richard Creasy - He was born in 1967 to a Welling market trader and educated in state schools before enrolling, as a teenager, to study medicine at the University of Southampton.
In many offshoots it appears that to be a true Nationalist you have to be anti Semitic, pro Palestinian, pro Muslim, pro Gay and pro Colour.
Tony Blair – war criminal and terrorists’ friend to be forced to give evidence to inquiry into sell-out to IRA murder gang. Welcome in its own right, the move brings the possibility of impeachment over the Iraq War a little closer too, writes Nick Griffin
I am honoured to to have been selected to replace Nick Griffin and lead the BNP in this exciting new era.

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