This really is good news for once from the Lincolnshire town of Boston where the BNP is receiving a flow of information from angry residents.

Last Saturday afternoon British National Party activists gathered in central London to make plans for progress and growth in terms of recruitment and election strategy.
David Cameron joined ‘multicult’ Establishment leaders in Paris to march for freedom of expression while using anti-terror legislation to shut down a Christian school at home in Britain.
At the present time you can’t open a newspaper, online or in print, without reading about the anniversary of Winston Churchill’s funeral.
The British National Party are campaigning to keep Labour PPC for Gainsborough David Prescott out of Parliament.
Yet again, victims of Muslim racist sexual abuse gangs have spoken out concerning the lack of action concerning the Muslim gangs perpetrating such crimes.
English children in Blackburn are being taught Arabic as a second language due to claims that there is a demand for the language.
A sinister new tactic being rolled out by Labour as it uses what appears to be a 12-year-old schoolboy crudely programmed to parrot its pro-immigration extremism
It must be difficult being ‘Green’.

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