By Imnokuffar-The situation in France is becoming increasingly dire as it is in Europe as whole.

As someone who lives here I am aware as to what is actually going on and have profound misgivings as to the future of this nation and the future of Europe as a whole. 

It's do-able folks we just have to want it.
Our new Chairman, Adam Walker visited the Wigton Office recently where he met with staff members and volunteers.
The latest example of Lib/Lab/Con policies which restrict benefits for the British people who pay for the whole welfare state while handing out vast sums of money to foreigners who have never contributed
Vicar of Iraq’s only Anglican Church warns the end appears “very near” for Iraqi Christians as he pleads for help to counter ISIS threat.
A look at the BNP policy on the subject of Defence.
Feeling better financially not worrying about the next bill heading your way?

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