How a gift in your will can make a difference

We rely overwhelmingly on donations from our members to carry out our work. We don’t have the backing of Big Unions or Big Business. That’s one reason we’re independent and able to speak our minds and represent ordinary people. By leaving a gift to the British National Party, you can allow us to be bolder in our aims, safe in the knowledge that funds will be there in the years to come.

The former Archbishop of Canterbury reckons that multiculturalism is to blame for British born Muslims joining ISIS.
The mass media, BBC included, all seem to be in a spin over the Rotherham child sex abuse scandal, and they are accusing everyone of covering this up, they are claiming to be shocked by it all.
Liberal Democrat mayor resigns after personally vouching for convicted rapist who he described as being of "good current character".
Yet again David Cameron has been made to look stupid after his promise to slash net immigration. Many expect his bluff to hold a referendum over EU membership to be just as effective.
The Guardian newspaper loses around £100,000 a day yet somehow it keeps on going as a voice for middle class lefties, school teachers, social workers and media folk, though unpopular with most other readers.
The threat level in Britain from terrorism has been raised to ‘Level 4 – Severe’ for the first time in years. The final level is ‘Critical – Imminent Attack’.
In the United Kingdom the total area of agricultural holdings is about 17,100,000 hectares (43 million acres) plus a further 1.942,000 hectares (4,800,000 acres) of rough grazing.

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