This year’s BNP Annual Conference will take place over the weekend of November 21st and 22nd in Lancashire.

Cameron has shown his true liberal colours at last, as if we didn’t already know.
We urge everyone to write letters and send them into their local papers and openly put in they are British National Party or at least support the British National Party, they will and do print them.
Corbyn is not a Labour man. He is a Communist, or an International Socialist, or a Marxist, or a Trotskyist, or whatever far left nomenclature accurately describes him. But he is definitely not traditional Labour.
The EU has utter contempt for democracy and counts the will of the people as nothing.
David Cameron has caved in to the bleeding heart lobbyists and allowed tens of thousands of Middle Eastern economic immigrants into this country
The excessive welfare available for decades, has led to an absurd sense of entitlement.
Theresa May’s speech could have been written by any Nationalist, like them she knows what she said cannot be acted upon until we leave the EU.

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