By Robert de Brucie

Just days after Muslim terrorists committed mass murder in Paris another group of Islamics were arrested on a train after threatening to kill people and shouting "Allahu Akbar ".

On Thursday 19th of November the British National Party in Barnsley received some heartbreaking tragic news with the death of one of their own.
Friday 13th November 2015 brought more murderous acts of Islamic jihad to the streets of Paris. It was a day everyone knew would come at some point yet most did their level best to pretend it never would.
BNP National Media Spokesman Simon Darby catches up with Party Chairman Adam Walker following this year's Annual Conference.
Order your anti-immigration leaflets today
Order your anti-immigration leaflets today
Yet again, well known Barnsley BNP activist Danny Cooke has broken the media blackout with a letter printed in Barnsley Chronicle regarding Syrian refugees
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