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The Brussels-imposed puppet government of Italy moved on Wednesday to deny Italy’s increasingly angry voters the right to choose a party which would end the crucifixion of their country and people by banksters’ debt and EU austerity.
The regime’s police used naked repression to prevent Italy’s only effective nationalist party, Forza Nuova, from collecting and submitting the 300,000 signatures needed in order to stand in next month’s EU elections. This blatant interference in the democratic process in order to lock out effective opposition marks a new low in the subjection of Italy to the EU puppet junta.
Since Nick Griffin raised the matter in the European Parliament yesterday, we have received further details of what was done. With the UK’s  controlled media still denying British voters the right to know about this appalling action and very dangerous precedent, the BNP website is therefore, once again, bringing you breaking news that the others daren’t touch.
Bureaucratic harassment

The official campaign to prevent Forza Nuova  standing has been going on for several weeks. All over Italy, the party’s activists were denied the official forms and documents needed to collect and submit the lists. This part of the operation was aimed at wasting precious time.
In Perugia in central Italy, campaigners were arrested at town hall offices when they went to collect the forms they needed to get the last wave of voters to sign. Held without reason or charge, they were released as soon as the deadline for handing in their completed nominations had passed.

On May 22nd this year people up and down our country will have the opportunity to stick two fingers up to the Political Class and VOTE British National Party.
This is the most important appeal in our history. NOW is the time! The May 22nd European Election is the opportunity for us to ROCK the political establishment AGAIN.
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