By Austen Davies

I had resolved to park my keyboard against the wall until New Year; far too much to get sorted, and who the blazes wants to read my bile and vitriol at this time of peace and expectation, awaiting the birth of our Lord; as we prepare to welcome God made manifest come to dwell amongst us? No one.

BNP Chairman Adam Walker delivers his Christmas message from Newcastle town centre as he and his team kick-start the BNP campaign Protecting our Chris†mas.
There’s something distinctly disturbing and incongruous about Boris Johnson
Reverend Robert West is on ‘trial’ for giving a history lesson on the Crusades.
Last week, the Pakistani schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai received the Nobel Peace Prize.
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The video says it all! While reporting on a racist attack by Pakistanis on British pub goers, courageous BNP Councillor Brian Parker faces down verbal abuse and hostile intimidation by a hateful, anti-British Islamist.
“Two child’s and an adult to town please”, Jack Allchurch asked the conductress, our fares from Balsall Heath public baths, the same baths where I learnt to swim, and had my weekly bath, to Albert Street in the centre of Birmingham.

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