By Matthew Hughes

When are we going to have a British Prime Minister and Home Secretary that show true leadership, strength of character and patriotism, in protecting Britain, its people, economy and our wider interests?

London BNP opposes the expansion of Heathrow Airport. The economic benefits analysis for expansion is flawed because it is based on some very optimistic assumptions such as the future rate of economic growth and the price of oil.
As the Calais crisis continues and politicians run around like headless chickens the news that Marine Le Pen is to stand as the President of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais in the French regional elections in December, will bring cheer to many.
It’s wonderful to be back home until September. It’s been a busy time for us, isn’t it?
David Cameron’s speech revealed a sinister new government agenda; under the guise of fighting extremism, any alternative view will be treated as a criminal offence.
Welcome to Britain where you’ll get absolutely everything you need in the quickest possible fashion.
Cameron’s betrayal of Britain begins, the issues surrounding our relationship with the EU are not just about the economy, they are about nation state sovereignty.
It’s taken the UK thousands of years to be what it is today and rocking up with nothing and expecting to be part of it isn’t on.

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