Well Spring is with us and the Afro-Islamic illegals stationed at Calais and other ports in France are dusting the winters moss off them and looking forward to getting into Great Britain and being looked after by their kind in London's Islamic ghettos.

Usually if a person in Great Britain commits a serious crime a prison sentence is given.
We’re out to kick Labour in the ballots; a fitting punishment, and the only one that’ll make these b******* back off our people!
Over the next couple of days we’ll be publishing a whole series of Policy Briefs, complete with six at-a-glance bullet points each. Immigration is the first focus.
Following the decision to split donations between Chris Stone and Julie Lake in the South West due to Crowd Funding refusing to accept Julie's fund raiser, The Bristol Evening Post contacted Julie to ask why this was.
The Working Time Directive provides that every worker has the right to paid annual leave of at least four weeks.
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