White Marxists hijack ‘Black-led’ racist groups to force Black Supremacy on Britain

Marxist race-hate group Black Lives Matter (BLM) has announced that it has raised £1Million from online crowd funding to be spent on attacking the British nation and destroying our culture.

Yesterday, the hate group had raised the sum and announced that it would be revealing its plans for its Black supremacist takeover of Britain.

While donors to crowd funding remain anonymous to the public, the sum is widely considered to have been generously funded by White Liberals with a guilt complex ‘for being White’.

This disturbing trend has been on display time and time again since BLM gained traction after a police brutality case in the USA.

Career criminal George Floyd died in the custody of police in the USA.

The suspect happened to be Black.

While there was no evidence in the diturbing footage to support the accusation of a racially-motivated killing, Leftist activists and their Marxist media called it so and instigated widespread civil violence.

The fact that the BLM race-hate group has been hijacked by Whites and has been noted by Black activists.

Last week, African doctor Stella Immanuel was confronted by a White BLM terrorist who, on the steps of the Supreme Court in Washington DC, hurled abuse at her shouting:

“I’m more Black than you on the inside.”

A week earlier, another White BLM terrorists, Garrett Foster was himself shot dead after opening fire with an AK47 assault rifle on a motorist.

Two weeks ago, notorious Nazi-collaborator turned Globalist billionaire George Soros – after previously denying that he was behind the Marxist race-group – announced that his Open Society Foundations would be donating $150 Million to “Black-led” groups to sustain them and build their “structures.”

Racist corporation Nike, worth $29.6Billion, announced it would donate $40 Million to Black Supremacist organisations including BLM.

White Leftists and Marxists are building and sustaining BLM and Black supremacy groups.

These Marxists have declared fall-out war on our culture, our nation and, yes, our race!

Lines are drawn. The time for sitting on the fence is over!

The British National Party is the only political party in Britain which exists to protect and preserve the unique and precious identity, culture, and heritage of the native British people in our own homeland.

Isn’t it time you joined the BNP?

If, for any reason, you are unable to join a political party, you can do your bit today by donating over the phone by calling 0757 254 8669 or donating online here.



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