Black foreign criminals to remain in Britain demand Labour race hustlers Abbott & Lammy

As a deportation flight carrying 29 criminals landed in Jamaica from Britain on Wednesday, Labour Party Race Hustler David Lammy MP went into overdrive claiming that, ”the deportation charter was an insult to the victims of the Windrush Scandal”.

Lammy believes that Britain should be a haven for foreign criminals so long as they’re Black and that their crimes should be forgiven and forgotten because of the colour of their skin.

His fellow White-hating Labour MP clownish Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott was quick to follow, demanding “full transparency over these brutal chartered flight deportations”.

Fourteen people on the flight – half of those being deported – had been convicted of drugs offences.

Six had been convicted of serious violent crimes and three of firearms and weapon offences, taking the total combined sentences of the 28 men and one woman on the flight to more than 150 years.

Are these the type of people who should be allowed to walk the streets of Britain?

The BNP fully support these deportation flights because the lives of British citizens must be protected and British people must be put first in Britain.

We need your help to make Britain a safer place for our children and future generations.

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