Abbott vows to bring ENTIRE WORLD to Britain under Labour government

Britain’s most racist woman and sworn enemy of the indigenous British people, Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott, has revealed in a speech Labour plans on Immigration:

Scrap ALL quotas on immigration, abolish the borders and throw open the gates to the ENTIRE WORLD.

It’s a promise from Abbott to destroy everything our ancesstors created, everything we hold dear and reduce us to a second-class minority in our own homeland – all to satisfy her pathological hatred for White people. 

Losing your country forever is one thing; life under Abbott’s Labour regime means taking your life in your hands EVERY DAY.

If surviving rampaging, machete-wielding and acid-hurling Third World gangs, cut-throat Islamist terrorists and avoiding being blown to pieces on public transport isn’t enough, try getting a doctor’s appointment.

And don’t even think about getting sick and counting on the tax you’ve paid into the system for decades, because you won’t be getting an ambulance, never mind a hospital bed.

Abbott’s far-Left, Marxist, Labour Party wouldn’t normally stand a chance at forming a government, but with the reprehensible Theresa May at the helm of an unpopular Tory party, the risk that many voters can’t imagine life getting even worse is very real. 

God help us all if Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott are handed 10 Downing Street!

That’s why it’s up to the BNP – the ONLY anti-Immigration political party in Britain – to put up everything we have to call time on the vile Diane Abbott and her wicked and racist scheme to dispossess the British people of their native homeland.

We don’t have time to waste!

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