People have become so suffocated by political correctness, it was inevitable that a push back was going to occur at some point.

There is a really large disconnect between the rulers and the governed. The elitist rulers think they know best how to reach Utopia.

The governed have never agreed to that kind of governance, Westminster careerists without principle will change with the wind.

People of conviction are needed in politics. There should be no such thing as a career politician.

All the electorate get from such people, is a party hack, following orders, not to rock the gravy train. Representative government goes out of the window.

It’s not good enough for intellectuals and the Westminster elite to now suddenly claim a Damascene conversion.

Mercenaries who can be bought and those who sell themselves (and their country) are utterly untrustworthy.

Ten years ago, people were warning about the looming resentment in countries losing their sovereignty to Brussels that sought to rule, not serve. Now it’s happening big time.

People don’t want a homogeneous standardised EU culture when they have their own cultures, languages, religions, accrued over millennia, particularly to be ruled by inept fools like Juncker.

When people voted for the “Common Market” (as it was then) back in the 1970s, it seemed to be a technicality to simplify trade: lowering customs tariffs and harmonising standards on food and electrical goods (so that everybody would know what to expect from a carrot or a cassette recorder), with simplified border controls.

However, it all got out of hand to the point where we read of not just the latest new EU directives on the movement of duck eggs but also some European Court ruling that some UK Law is invalid and must be corrected.

If Juncker starts laying down rules about “hate speech” and what we can write on Twitter and Facebook or what UK migrant policy must be, he can expect to be ridiculed and deposed, along with the organisation than creates this endless succession of European “presidents” and “executive orders”.

Hopefully, the internet will mean the end of voters falling for two parties fighting to put the same policies in place.
We need people in who believed in Brexit from the start.



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