Sir Michael Wilshaw said recently that the strong Brexit vote in the North was fuelled by “resentment” over a feeling people in London and the South were getting a better start in life for their children, leading to Northerners feeling “alienated”.

The North hasn’t fallen behind the South in terms of educational opportunity at all; education is equally as dire in the South as in the North.

The reason is the Labour Party, which, in power from 1997, was dominated by a selfish cabal of Scots who ran the entire United Kingdom for their own selfish ends and flew from London to Edinburgh and did not even know – or care, or give voice even to their own members – about what was happening in the heartlands in between.

The few remaining Conservative seats were largely in the South where local political infrastructures were such as to make a difference – until they too fell to the progressive agenda.

The North has been betrayed by the Labour Party – a Labour Party overwhelmingly supported by the teaching profession.

And the way to tackle the problem is for the North to boot the Labour Party out of power and for sensible people to exploit every drop of blood by promising to eradicate the problem at its source – with the teacher training courses where these aspiring pedagogues are indoctrinated into teaching techniques which do not work and a curriculum more propagandist than truly educational.

The education system is for the plethora of molly-cuddled, sniffling, snowflake lefties who need consoled with kittens, cuddles, rainbows and safe spaces when they don’t get their way in a vote.

Their forebears would be utterly ashamed of their behaviour and willingness to let today’s fascist elites simply wash away centuries of heritage, culture and tradition that were fought for by the finest generation of people to have ever lived.



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