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The BNP will ensure that all children are provided with the opportunity to realise their potential. We oppose the ‘trendy’ egalitarian teaching methods that have made Britain one of the most poorly
educated nations in Europe.

We will:

  • Introduce selection at age 14 in order to offer an academic route (similar to grammar schools) or a technical one with parity of esteem
  • Reintroduce emphasis on the ‘Three Rs’, especially at elementary level and return to the system of learning by phonetics
  • Phase out GCSEs over a ten-year period
  • Create a four-term school year ending in April
  • Reduce the length of the summer holidays
  • Bring back assisted places for gifted students
  • Abolish student tuition fees
  • Restore authority to teachers and headteachers
  • Instil in our young people knowledge and pride of British history, traditions, identity and origins and scrap the compulsory study of all other cultures

Britain once led the world in education and technology – and can do so again, but only if it follows some basic rules to rebuild its educational system in such a way that it nurtures the innate genius which lies in our nation’s youth.

The problems with the British educational system are well known to all. Simply put, the British educational system is not working. Exams have been dumbed down and while more students are obtaining meaningless bits of paper, employers are complaining that graduates cannot spell.

“Citizenship” lessons are a euphemism for political indoctrination. Discipline has collapsed, trendy teaching methods have failed and schools face a crisis. The abolition of grants and introduction of fees for university students has hit poor children hardest, while soft, useless subjects are replacing the hard sciences of value to Britain.