By Northernscot

Mention Hitler and people start tut tutting. Mention Stalin and we witness the proof of the brainwashing that our society has been exposed to. For most will not blink and eye.

For years we have watched with horror at the gradual destruction of our country by Political Correctness
If you have read and understood ‘Bank Robbery 1’ then you will be aware that almost all the money in the economy is created by private banks such as Barclay’s when they make loans.
As a society we should view elderly people with respect. They carry much wisdom and understanding.
BNP Chairman Adam Walker was in attendance at the first PEGIDA UK rally in Newcastle upon Tyne to provide his support for the group’s peaceful opposition to the Islamisation of Britain and Europe.
Dedicated London activists Paul Borg and Christine Winter went into Cranham on Saturday (28th Feb) to distribute some more leaflets around the Hornchurch and Upminster parliamentary constituency.
When a Labour politician starts to complain about a problem he created in the first place, it can only mean that he is desperate, and therefore we must assume that Darren Rodwell is in deep trouble.
When the Rania El-Alloul story broke this past week, Canadians heard that a Muslim woman, Rania El-Alloul of Montreal, had presented herself at a Quebec court in an attempt to recover her car that had been impounded.
The Conservative government after five years in power are now suggesting new laws that they would like to bring in to protect young girls from the sexual abuse scandals that are hitting our country.
As our national identity is eroded, the political class still refuses to admit the scale of the catastrophe.
Illegal entry to Britain by the Afro-Islamic force encamped in and around Calais has well and truly started early this year and based on the numbers so far
Paul Borg will be our candidate for the constituency of Hornchurch & Upminster.

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