Two table-top sessions were held in Ivybridge and Plympton on the Thursday's of the 9th and 16th September respectively, with Adrian Romilly, Cliff Jones and others showing the true caring face of nationalism in the West Country.  

It is regrettable to learn that near 500 people lost their lives as their boat was rammed by people traffickers in the Mediterranean Sea, after falling out with the traffickers.
London councils will be putting posters up like this soon rather than taking them down as all sorts of religious maniacs are now flourishing in our capital city.
The outcome of the North East re-structuring debate has been resolved with BNP Chairman Adam Walker showing the attributes members want in a leader.
Following the recent media revelations about the rampant child abuse at the hands of Muslim paedophile gangs in Rotherham it is time for the British people to examine the devastating effects of the unworkable multicultural ideology of the Lib/Lab/Cons
Bryn Morgan, who has in the last few months become a key figure in our movement, gives a brief speech at a packed meeting in Bolton.
Last Saturday saw British National Party members out campaigning in Eltham, South East London.

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