As a British taxpayer, you’ve already been forced by the ConDem government to pay a part of the £212,000 legal costs to help Lee Rigby’s killers avoid justice.

Murderer Michael Adebolajo is receiving even more money in a bid to overturn his conviction and sentence.

The Mirror, a Red Top, reports Furious cinemagoers say they were turned away from a busy Birmingham Vue complex because they weren't Muslim.
Essex County Council has been outed for discriminating against young people of white British ethnicity.
Tower Hamlet’s Muslim mayor, promised homes for ‘good Muslims’ that voted for him in the Tower Hamlets mayoral election it has been alleged.
What’s Lammas Day? It’s the Anglo Saxon festival of the wheat harvest marking the first harvest day of the year, and celebrated in a number of English-speaking countries in the Northern Hemisphere.
A central aim of this article is to look at what is happening with ‘Immigration’ and determine the real story behind this burning issue.
Can you believe it, use of Scottish terrier dogs during Commonwealth Games opening ceremony were 'shameful' and 'offensive', Malaysian politicians claim.
On Thursday 24th July, members and supporters from the Bromley & Lewisham area gathered for their regular local British National Party meeting.

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