The audience saw members from Swindon, Salisbury, Somerset, Bristol, Devon and even London with our two most active members Paul Borg and Christine Freeman making the trip to support Julie in the region from London.

The guest speaker was Roger Tonks, who made the trip from London to inform members of the latest recruitment tool and all members were suitably impressed to be one of the first branches to have a branch meeting streamed live. This meant that along with those who attended, there was a viewing public watching the meeting as it happened from their homes. By the end of the evening, the live recording was being shared among Twitter and Facebook users.

BNP Scotland reply to newspaper editor
Croydon & Sutton branch will be holding a demo outside Lunar house immigration centre on Saturday the 5th of September.
It is being torn to pieces by the progressive left engaged as they are in their Marxist dream of a socialist superstate.
This total hatred for British culture, especially white working class culture, is now no longer even thinly disguised

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