Here we go again on immigration madness and making it easier for illegal immigrants and overstayers to enter Britain.

The European Court of Justice has just ruled British citizens should be able to bring non-EU family members into our country without a travel visa.

I suspect we are going to see a lot more of this type of thing in the run up to the general election as the power structure desperately tries to bully the electorate back into domestication.
The video says it all! While reporting on a racist attack by Pakistanis on British pub goers, courageous BNP Councillor Brian Parker faces down verbal abuse and hostile intimidation by a hateful, anti-British Islamist.
As the great Christian festival of Christmas approaches, what is to be said to those enemies of Nationalism
Readers will recall the report a few days ago on this site regarding the choice of David Prescott as the Labour PPC for the parliamentary constituency of Gainsborough.
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Foodbank calls for help

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