Collapse of UKIP now complete after Farage calls for second Brexit vote

Nigel Farage, the ex-leader of Ukip, has now put the final nail in the coffin of UKIP after he called for a second EU referendum.

“I’ve reached the point of thinking we should have a second referendum on EU membership”, Mr Farage told Channel 5’s The Wright Stuff.

The interviewer, Matthew Wright, was astonished by Farage’s comment, asked: “What? The whole thing?”

Farage replied, “Yes, of course!”

After the 2017 General Election, we witnessed a catastrophic collapse of Ukip votes, but now Ukip is on life-support after this bombshell from Mr Farage.

The Remainers are delighted with his surprise statement because now the push for a second referendum will gather pace.

As result, bookies have already slashed the odds on a second EU referendum.

With the  of constant misinformation and fake news from the mainstream media (MSM), a second referendum could result in a vote to remain in the European Union.

The outrageous inept and skewed opinion poll of leftists organisations – look at the hilariously erroneous Brexit poll predictions and Trump Presidency poll predictions – has the Remain vote at 55% should another referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU be held right now.

Remaining in the EU would be a disaster for the UK.

Nigel Farage has now emboldened those Remainers who want a second Brexit vote.

The ‘face of Brexit’ has effectively joined the Remain camp.

Let’s not forget that Ireland rejected the Lisbon Treaty in a 2008 referendum but then accepted it in a second referendum the following year, following pressure from the rest of the EU.

Over 17Million people voted for Brexit – Nigel Farage has now betrayed them.

The collapse of Ukip is now complete.

The BNP believes there should be NO second EU referendum – Brexit means Brexit!

Leaving the EU is one of the founding policies of the BNP since 1982. 

The BNP is the ORIGINAL anti-EU political party in Britain.



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