muzziesIt is amazing that this report was allowed to see the light of day – and it reveals the horrifying transformation of Britain by the political class.

Multiculturalism, open borders, Political Correctness, parallel social and legal systems are sowing the seeds of destruction of the UK.

As long as the media is dominated by a tiny minority of self-styled ‘progressives,’ no government – from the regressive left, woolly centre to the farthest right will have the courage to do anything about this. It really is that simple!

The invasion will only cease when the terminally liberal media has been closed down.

No one in the UK was ever asked if they wanted millions of people to come to this country; it was never on any manifesto and it was all done by stealth by mealy-mouthed politicians.

It’s beyond ghettoisation. It is pillarisation – a whole parallel society has been stealthily engineered while silencing voices of justifiable concern with leftist name-calling and bullying with hate words such as ‘racist’ or  ‘Islamophobic’.

The liberal fascists thought they could ‘own’ the ethnic minority vote, only to realise that the chosen ‘minorities’ hate their beliefs more than any others.

They will say and do whatever we want them to, until they are the majority and then we’ll be doing things their way.

The left will never fully understand the destruction they’ve brought to our ancient and beautiful nation. Neither will they ever understand human nature.

They are the real enemy and must be defeated first.



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