Stunning success for anti-immigration patriots in German elections

Today’s elections held in Germany have delivered a shock result with the popularist patriotic AfD securing a massive 13.3% of the vote.

In what is becoming a trend, media pundits were proved woefully wrong in predicting that the party might only double their votes since the last elections to take 6% of the vote.

The AfD instead more than quadrupled its previous election results.

The surge in support for the AfD has been largely attributed to the German people’s reaction to Angela Merkel’s insane call for millions of Muslim migrants and Africans to invade the country.

As a result, Angela Merkel’s centrist CDU/CSU and the leftwing SPD scored their worst electoral results in the post-war era, with 32.5% and 21.5%.

The AfD now enters the Bundestag, the German parliament, as the third biggest political party in Germany.

Congratulations AfD, the BNP wishes you all the very best in taking back your country.



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