Slobbering appeaser May grovels to Muslims for Eid

Snivilling globalist shill Theresa May has released a slobbering video address as part of her Muslim appeasement program.

In the patronising one and a half minute video, May tells us all what she thinks Islam is all about.

The fact that the politicians feel they need to release a video address to a group of 3 million people, in a nation of 65 million, demonstrates just how divided their Britain is. 

May’s Eid Video address stands in stark contrast to the one she released for Easter, during which she lectured Christians about their need to embrace all other cultures while laying out her idea of “our values” – a list of vacuous buzz words, including “community” and “citizenship”, which mean little, if anything, to any one.

May and her political ilk would do well to actually listen to what Muslims are telling us about their values.

In 2016, a poll commissioned by Channel 4 found that, while the politicians fast-tracked feminist and gay rights policies into common law, 52% of Muslims said homosexuality should be made illegal and 37% agreed with the statement that “wives should always obey their husbands.”

Furthermore, almost 25% said British law should be replaced with Sharia and about one-third said that they would refuse to inform security services of Islamist terror plots to kill Brits.

Nevertheless, in Theresa May’s view, we should all be delighted to be forced to live alongside colonialists which hold such views.

According to May, the Muslim event of Eid is a moment for native Brits and all non-Muslims alike to “reflect on and celebrate the incredible contribution to made to our national life made by Britain’s three million Muslims” and to “give thank for the millions of Muslims who have enriched the lives of so many.”

For May, Eid is not a time to reflect on the hundreds of gangs of Muslim men up down Britain gang raping and torturing thousands of our young girls, or our young children blown to pieces at a Manchester pop concert, or the Islamist terror attacks on our London underground, or those picked out for having their throats slashed by Islamist terrorists on the streets of London.

Because, for the politicians, that’s simply a price the British people must pay for the ‘privilege’ of having them hand our country over to Muslims.

May and the rest of her traitorous political class are happy as long as they can remain safely behind their gated communities and receive their 30 pieces of silver for doing the bidding of their globalist paymasters.

The BNP exists to provide native Brits with a platform on which to speak out again the betrayal by the political class.

It’s also a home for all those who value, and wish to preserve, our precious and unique British heritage, culture and authentic British values.

It’s also why you should count yourself in, and support the BNP.



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